Day 194. Sunday 9th February. Catazaja to Champoton, Campece. Mexico.

It was a ‘rough camping’ spot last night, but a flat grassy area beside a lake. There were restaurants around us but so were there countless dogs and they barked, on and off, all night. A vehicle came in and shone it’s lights on us around 3am but while I didn’t get up to see who it was, odds on, it was the Police, checking to see we were OK.  

This dog had got his nose stuck in a plastic cup!

Being a Sunday we had a relaxing start to the day. On the road by 10am. 

What a difference, driving today compared with the last week or so. Long straight roads and only the occasional tope when passing through a town. Campeche state is the least populated and it’s reported, full of Mayan ruins. Trouble is with ruins, they are a bit like churches. Amazing as they are,  each one is different but …well, you know what I mean…:)

Not a lot to report today except we are parked under a shady “structure” with the green Gulf of Mexico on my left 20m away and the vehicles 5m away on my right. The road, 50m behind the vehicles. Lets hope the trucks go to sleep when we do..:)

The sea is gently lapping the shore. We are parked on lovely white sand but there are rocks between us and the sea. Coming from inland and meeting the sea, was beautiful. The sea, several shades of green, with white sandy deserted beaches. 

Our destination a beach side camp site that is being advertised on iOverland for 150 pesos per vehicle. However when we pulled into the site a grumpy looking individual challenged us and said it was 200 pesos, take it or leave it. We left it. 

What to do now? About 5k’s back there were several very nice concrete, abandoned beach houses and we thought, why not pull into one and set up home?  Deciding to keep going forward towards the city of Campeche it was only 3 k’s down the road we spied an empty parking lot with a wee shop on the road front. The owner was the complete opposite to the last guy, warm, friendly and welcoming and happy with 100 pesos per vehicle for the night. It’s a done deal. 

So now at 4.45pm everyone has had a swim but me. It’s not the beach you would spend time on, the sea bottom is as rocky as the foreshore but such a hot day I’ll be in soon. 

So sorry to be taunting those in the grip of northern hemisphere winter..:). Sometimes sacrifices have to be made..:)

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  1. Soy Julio y llegué con mi familia el domingo por la tarde al lugar donde ustedes se encontraban. Les saludé y me hizo sentir feliz la aventura que ustedes viven. Les deseo lo mejor y gusto en conocerles. Im Julio and talk with us i m from Mexico City and arrived to Campeche for a New Job. New Job, New líder de are happy to.

  2. Stamina. Every time I check in I am in awe of your stamina. Thinking of U. Bill & Joan

    • Hi! Bill & Joan, thanks for the thoughts. Life is pretty good huh! Stay warm, summers coming…:)



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