Day 180. Sunday 26th Jan. Teotihuacan to Puebla.

Well, after a great day yesterday, this morning there were no healthy survivors.

I woke thinking, I better get to the boy’s room pronto! Just made it. Jen said she wan’t feeling too great either. She was complaining of aches all over and couldn’t get out of bed

Watching Sarah heading across the field to the toilets I said to Jen, “She doesn’t have the usual spring in her step”!

Later we learned that Tim was in a bad way and both Sarah & Jaxon had been vomiting. A little bit later, Charley joined the patients list.

By about 11am we had rallied and were on the way to Puebla. Puebla is a drive of just over 100k’s. The toll road is preferred as secondary roads are mined with Topes every 100m or so and would take us several hours longer.

What was the cause of the illness? It’s strange because we were all affected in different ways. Sarah thought they may have cooked and eaten meat that was “off”. Highly unlikely. The most likely scenario was the food from the street stall in Mexico City, but why the delay?


Puebla is the fourth largest city in Mexico with a population of approx. 3.5m. We will learn more about the city in Jen’s blog tomorrow, after we have “investigated” the old part.

Tonight after several circuits of an area we know to contain a camping place, without success we opt for a Walmart car park and collapse from exhaustion. I quickly make up a bed for Jen and after she has slept for a couple of hours, venture into the shop for supplies. Nobody’s eating tonight though, so by 7.30pm we are all in bed for the night.

I have to say a big THANK YOU to Walmart for allowing us to park unmolested in their car park. They are not first choice camping area’s but a haven when desperate.

Apologies for the brevity and limited content.

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