Day, 167. Monday, 13th January. Boca de Pascuales to Rancho Bougainvillea

A peaceful night under the coconut palms. Or, more correctly in a space among the trees, so no coconuts could fall on us. We were on the road by 10.00am, heading south.
The Michoaocan coast is reputed to be the most beautiful coastal drive in Mexico. We have been advised it is a slow, winding, up and down, single track road though.

We planned a short drive for today, hoping to find a nice beach spot to stop at for a couple of days. The drive is beautiful. At first inland through plantations of bananas,
papaya and limes. Clumps of bougainvillea in an assortment of colours are everywhere.

We stopped in a village at a Purificado to buy water. 20 litres for 20 pesos. Soon after we stopped again for a photo opportunity at the Costa Aquila sign, overlooking an incredible beach.

Continuing on South we came across Rancho Bougainvillea. We thought we would investigate and see if it would be a suitable stopping place. The camping area is a short distance from the beach. Sarah was concerned this would not work as it would not be possible to watch the children playing in the sea. However, it had too many other good points. Proper toilets, a shower and a washing machine. Not to mention pretty surroundings and shady trees.

So, now we are set up here. Two machines full of washing are drying on the line. Sarah, Tim and the kids went to the beach, while Dennis and I chilled in the shade. Later Dennis and I wandered down through the coconut grove to the beach. Not a swimming sea but more gentle waves than many beaches. Very refreshing. We played around in the waves for a while.

Returning to the camp I headed for the shower. Bliss. First proper shower since I left James’s place in London the best part of a week ago. Dinner under the stars with the family and then an early night.

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  1. Welcome back Jen! It looks like a truly amazing, beautiful place – what an adventure!! I hope you can both get that fridge fixed soon though – (very important to keep the odd cerveza nice and cold!)

    • Thanks, Logan. Was a sad trip but very good to catch up with my boys and grandchildren. Mexico was a bit of a culture shock after a week in the UK, but I’ve acclimatised and am back into the swing of things now. Hope Jamie is doing OK.How much longer before junior arrives?

  2. Just three weeks to go now, we’re well and truly on the count down. Will keep you both posted when the little guy arrives!

    • Hi! Logan & Jamie, so exciting. Yes, keep us posted.
      Jamie will be greatly relieved..:)

      Dennis & Jen

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