Day 56. Monday 24th June. From Erickson to 60k’s short of Winnipeg. Manitoba.

A fine morning. Great. A few little things to attend to on the wagon. Top up the oil and coolant. Check the filter housing for leaks. Problem solved. 

I’m pleased to report the mods to the (Caranex) seem to be working well too. I drilled a hole in each side of the guttering behind a foam rubber dam I glued in, to stop water running into the tent when the the back end is sloping downwards in the rear. It’s not a good thing to be drilling into the roof area but it will be worth it, if it works.

Our first stop this morning was at a Co-OP  hardware store to buy some metal mesh to fit in front of the radiator and intercooler. The lunchtime stop allowed that to take place. It’s cable tied to the removable grill.  It will stop bugs jamming up the radiator etc,. It will be much easier to take the mesh out and clear it, than trying to blow out the aforementioned. 

The next attempt to solve the starting issue will be to replace the battery. It seems ok but if it’s not cranking at the right speed, it could be the problem? If it doesn’t work we will transfer it to the auxiliary position as that battery is waining. 

It was hardly noticeable yesterday, that we were climbing. This morning we reached the top of what  is called Mountain Road. Whew, nearly needed oxygen. Altitude, 300m. The view from the summit however was …. expansive. Flat land, as far as the eye can see. 

Jen mentioned about the changed appearance of everything. Towns, housing etc. looking pristine and cared for. It will be interesting to see who is running the Province, politically. Well, I now have the answer. I have just been quizzing the camp site owner and she tells me that they have had a Socialist government for some time but now have a “conservative jerk running the place”…her words..:). I will say no more..:)

I posted a pic of the “kitten” of the Land Rover yesterday. Today we will have a further look around the spacious accommodation we inhabit.

Our camp tonight is approx 60k’s short of Winnipeg, provincial capital. The decision was to put off facing a big city till the morning, rather than be struggling to find somewhere to camp and paying city prices. This camp is a private one but both reasonably priced at $25 and with all the facilities.

It’s been a beautiful day but a storm is brewing from the east and it’s moving quickly as the temperature has just dropped about 5deg so I’m going to beat a retreat back to camp from the office.

We’ll talk again in a couple of days.

Oh! Congratulations Mike and Wendy on your new grandson. A joyful occasion for you both. 🙂

Noel, thanks for the tip about LED light bulbs. We have made the change in the Landy and they are so much brighter and draw less current. 🙂

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  1. Put a coment up a couple of days ago about “you should have bought an Isuzu” but the Landrover gods must have seen and deleted it, but you should have. Only saying. Off to NZ thur for Kylies 50th, be a bit cooler than Queensland, but looking forward to it. Keep it up bro, the journey that is.

  2. Hi! We just saw you near steinbach! We’re from la Broquerie 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for the pictures of the interior. I may make a few changes to how I want to fit out my 110 based on what you have done. It hardly looks like you have enough stuff with you to be on the road for as long as you intend to be. Maybe I’m so used to seeing pickups,(utes) towing what looks like a full house. Mind you they could not afford the gas to do the trip you are doing, towing such a monster. Really enjoy your daily posts so do keep them coming.

  4. Hope fuel leak has been fixed. Copper washers not as plentiful as use to be, now more likely fiber or plastic more common. A farm equipment dealer would be good place to try as farmers are use to fixing what they have. If Cdn Tire had any it would be in a kit of 50 or 100! and you only want 2 or 3, allowing for spares. First part of Ontario will be trees and rocks then a slight change to rocks and trees. Enjoy 🙂

    • Hi! Bruce, called into a small country Napa? store and they had a selection of copper sump plug washers. So bought four, too small ID but bought a round file and set Jen to work..:). All good now. TD5 works on about 20Bar so fibre or plastic could blow out.
      The boxes on the roof are the key to stuff you don’t need every day. Clear cabin is the best. We just in Ontario now and enjoying so far.

  5. LOL
    No posts lately so you must be between Kenora and Thunderbay….or Thunder bay and Sudbury. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the country side. See any more moose or black bear?

    good journeys!!

    cheers, Bill and Susan

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