Day 21. Monday 20th September. Rest Day, Mc Bride

Day 21. Monday, 20th May. Stationary today.

Last night there was a beautiful red sunset. I am a great believer in the old adage “Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight”. This morning we awoke to a beautiful blue sky. The vents were wide open above us and through them we could see a lovely morning. It is very much warmer too. I hope it will stay like this.

Dennis said he thought it would be an ideal opportunity to replace the ailing clutch master cylinder. Nice dry weather and a very quiet, flat camp ground.

In fact this is a rather odd place and I feel as if I am in Russia, not Canada. Apart from our Land Rover the only other vehicles here are 2 RV’s. They look as if they are semi-permanent. One us occupied by 2 ladies and 4 large dogs. 2 Norwegian Elk Hounds, which are quite fierce, a rumbustious golden retriever, which jumps all over you and a very fat, elderly dachshund. They all go crazy when let out of the vehicle and come barking and snarling around us.

The campsite is owned by Ukrainians. There appear to be 3 sisters and a husband to one of them. The husband and 2 of the ladies have very little spoken English. Our few words of Russian came in very useful yesterday when we arrived. Must be difficult to run a business with so little English. Perhaps that has some bearing on the place being so deserted.

The main facilities block is also rather odd. A large indoor hot tub, sauna and laundry. Just one shower each for men and ladies and strange toilets. Both men’s and women’s feature a large room with 2 toilets lined up next to each other!! and a basin. Do you sit and chat while doing your “business”?

Dennis has spent the morning labouring away and is covered in oil. He’s happy!! I have done a pile of washing and tidied up stuff in the Land Rover. It’s rather frustrating writing the blog, but not being able to publish it. The lack of wifi is a pain.

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