Day 20. Sunday 19th May. Lake Louise to McBride.

Jeepers it was cold last night. About 2deg in the cabin. We waited till it had warmed a bit before climbing out of bed in the morning. Fortunately we were stopped early yesterday and there were only a few other campers in the large area provided just outside Lake Louise. 

On looking outside in the morning, cars, ute’s and campers were cheek to jowl around us. Some turkey must have decided it was too cold in his camper, so he started the engine, at 3am. He thought it would idle away but fortunately engines shut down after about 5min automatically at idle, but it was succeeded by a screaming noise. Maybe his conscience got the better of him and he didn’t try again.  

The days drive north, first through Jasper was through astounding scenery. The snow of the last couple of days gave the peaks around us a majesty against the blue sky. Passing Athabasca Glacier we decided not to compete with the hundreds already taking up every available viewing space, and kept going. Later passing the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, Mt Robson, at around 3900m .

An interesting aside, we came across a U-Haul enclosed truck almost on it’s side and being winched out of the undergrowth by a heavy recovery truck. I asked the guy with a stop sign, if it was a stunt driver, managing to get the other side of the Armaco barrier? He laughed and said. “no, it was a lady”. On passing and looking back, the truck had gone straight in beside the barrier. She must have gone to sleep and was unhurt. She was lucky there was scrub to impede her, as the next corner it would have been fatal. Into the lake 100m below. I can imagine the U-Haul company asking, “where’s the truck”? “Sorry, I lost it”! 🙂

Being a long weekend, every man and his dog was on the road. The main fuel tank and three Jerry cans were filled in Jasper, prior to recrossing the border into British Columbia. $1.28/l. 

Most of the day we were on the tourist loop, Kamloops BC, Jasper, Banff, Calgary Alb., if coming from Vancouver, or the opposite. Once north of the main road to Kamloops the traffic thinned dramatically. It’s a joy being able to enjoy the scenery rather than constantly looking out for fast approaching vehicles from the rear. 

I guess the wildlife are keeping a low profile with so many people on the road. However, we did see a smallish black bear minding it’s own business, just outside the tree line. Lets hope further north, we get to see some action in the more remote parts. By the way, we bought a Bear Spray and aerosol klaxon horn, as a deterrent. I don’t think we will need it but better to be safe than sorry. The spray could be useful in South America or Africa, if anyone gets too stroppy.  

Around 4.30pm BC time, (Alberta is an hour ahead), we decided to take advantage of a fairly deserted looking camp site. Spacious, flat with plenty of green grass and run by Ukrainians who have been here more than ten years, and can hardly speak english.

I’m concerned that the drip from the clutch master cylinder is becoming more frequent and making a mess of the floor mat. It’s time to do something about it.  

Lets hope tomorrow dawns bright and sunny. 

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  1. Talking wild animals take a look at this from a person in Alaska where you are going @akshiloh on Awesome. Has a tame moose

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