Day 19. Saturday 18th May. Calgary to Lake Louise.

Today is a significant day. It is the due date of my fifth grandchild, granddaughter number 2. However, my son James informs me there are no arrival signs at the moment. I am sorry to be so far away and out in the wilds, without much access to wifi or phone signal.

Jan and Bruce did their best to persuade us to stay yet another day with them. I have to say I was sorely tempted as the weather was horrible. They were wonderful hosts and another game of Peg Board would have gone down very well. Dennis was eager to get back on the road, so after cooking porridge for everyone we started to pack up. Bruce and Jan persuaded us to stay a bit longer showing us their holiday pictures. Around mid day we set off.

Our hosts. Nyia, Jan, Bruce, Jen & I

First stop was a Canadian Tire (American spelling!) store to buy some sealer for the holes in our Caranex. I hope it works!! It is really a dry weather tent. To design a tent with a flat roof is inherently flawed. Also a new fire extinguisher was needed, as we cannot get our English one refilled. It doesn’t comply with Canadian regulations. I can’t believe they are any less strict, it’s just officialdom gone crazy.

We have had to retrace our steps for about 130ks back to Lake Louise on Highway 1. It is cold today and as we approached the mountains we could see fresh snow on the higher slopes. The weather did improve though, with only the odd light shower. We stopped in Banff, after a quick drive around the town. Heaving with people as it is a long weekend in Canada. Queen Victoria’s birthday. Canada is apparently the only country to celebrate it.

It is mandatory to have a National Parks Pass to stop/camp in National Parks. According to our map it is even necessary just for driving on Highway 93, where we will be going tomorrow. Stopping at the Tourist Information Office, I was able to get us senior passes to access all of Canada’s National Parks for $115.80. The young lady I spoke to was very helpful and gave me information on camping and local maps. Most campsites don’t open until the end of the month, or even mid June.

Tonight, thanks to our iOverlander App we are camped at Lake Louise’s Overflow Campsite. It’s free and now chock-a-block with a vast assortment of vehicles. Enormous Winnebagos, tiny caravans, camper vans of all varieties, people sleeping in small cars – and an English Land Rover.

Visits: 86


  1. Jen and Dennis were Great!!! Jan and I were so sorry they had to leave. I grabbed the rope to hog tie them back but they had left already, no grass under their feet!!!

    We know the world is small so we look ofrward to the next time we see them and a game of Peg Board. haha

    • Hey Bruce. Thanks again. You are wonderful hosts. Learners luck at Pegboard huh! We are now west of Prince George at Vanderhoof, camped at the back of a 7Th Day Adventists Church. We think Jehova would approve..:)

      Look after Jan, she’s a treasure.



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