Day 96. 21st August. In Ulaanbaatar

Despite choosing a more expensive hotel, this did not ensure a good night’s sleep. Arriving in  the dark, we hadn’t realised we were next to the railway. Hooting trains meant another disturbed night.

The first task for the day was to try and locate some spare parts for the Land Rover. Amazingly the Jaguar/Land Rover dealer was the next block but one along the road from us. Unfortunately, they only had the oil filter we wanted, but not the more important clutch master cylinder or seal repair kit. So, off to hunt for another source. We thought Doctor Auto might be able to assist, but could not locate them. Stopping a guy to ask for assistance, we were lucky to find someone who spoke excellent English. He pointed us in the direction of a larger branch of Doctor Auto. To get there we passed the main square in Ulaanbaatar, Sukhbaatar Square. The square is named after Damdin Sukhbaatar, the hero of the revolution when Mongolia declared independence from China in 1921. This was with the aid of Russia, who then took over Mongolia in 1924.  Interrupting our search for parts with some sight seeing, we  saw the Parliament Building and the statues of Chinggis Khan and his son, Ogedei and grandson, Kublai.

One of Genghis’s Generals

The Stock Exchange and other important buildings flank the square. Onwards to look for the parts we walked down one of the main streets, Peace Avenue. Once we found Doctor Auto it was of little help to us not having the parts, although we did manage to buy some oil.

Statue of Genghis in central Ulaanbaatar









40m high Chinggis (Genghis) Khan. People visible on horses head.

Returning to the hotel, we decided we would get some lunch and a then drive out of town some 50ks to the Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue. It is a very dramatic 40m high silver metal structure. Inside is a lift going up through the tail and then steps up into the horse’s head where there is a viewing platform looking out over the plains. According to legend it is built on the spot where Ghinggis found a golden whip. As it was really murky, due to the smog, and threatening to rain hard, we didn’t climb up into the horse’s head but made our way back to our hotel. Once again the traffic was a nightmare. A minor accident on the opposite side of the road caused a bit of a diversion as it erupted into a fist fight between the parties involved, as we passed. Dinner back at the hotel and hopefully a better night tonight.

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  1. Do you think the cyl will hold out by topping it up till you make Vladivostoc? And could you put a heavier grade of oil in to help the oil loss? Suspect not. Stunning spring day here but only 1 as rain due again tomorrow. Seems strange that half the country is in drought and we are wet as. Think AB’s will be too good for poms, but who knows. I presume it is inNZ. Aust politics in complete dissaray, again. Turnbul about to be rolled which will make it 10 PM’s for them against 2 for NZ. That being pointed out by media. Bloody disaster.

    • Hi! Bro,
      it’s only a slight drip and have been topping it up every few days. Will cut the side out of Jen;s handbag and make a leather seal if need be. Shhhhh..:). Yes, should hold out till Vladivostok.
      Turnbull on a banana skin?!!! Maybe he and Cheika can wander into the sunset together? Aussies won’t tolerate a looser. Bring back Barnaby…:). We waiting to exit Russian customs. Last lot through so all well so far. Much quicker than leaving at time.
      Stay dry and Hi! to Jen. Us.

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