Day 62. In Limbo in Bukhara

Yesterday we heard we would not receive the new water pump from the UK until the 23rd!!! In an attempt to speed up the process of getting back on the road, we asked a local mechanic if it was possible to repair the pump. He took it away but returned this morning, sadly, with a negative answer. The bearings are stuffed and it is a sealed unit. So, we continue to wait impatiently. We have now been here 7 days and according to the online tracker, the package still does not appear to have left England. So much for the 4 – 6 days delivery promised. Frustration! I could have flown back and got the part more quickly.

Tomorrow we have decided to go to Tashkent for a couple of days. We can get a train from here. It will be a change of scenery at least. Tashkent, while the country’s capital, was not on our original itinerary, so it will be an extra. Hopefully, also a bit cooler.

Today we have seen more sights in Bukhara, so here are some pictures.

Hotel Old City Courtyard

Obviously Tourists are a problem…:)

Kalon Minaret. The tallest building in Central Asia in 1127. Genghis Kahn so impressed by it, ordered it spared.


Decorative pots. Hotel Old City. Bukhara.

At least this hole has a bottom to it….

Kalon Mosque. Used as a warehouse in Soviet times.




Mosaic tile work catching the evening sun.















You can see why they need Tourist Police..:)

Walls of The Ark. Bombed by the Soviets in 1920. Most of the interior in ruins still.

Cat flap?..:)

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  1. Not good news then, I hope you enjoy Tashkent in the meantime. Good photos again, the Ark looks rather unreal.

  2. Dont want to rub it in but it took 4 days to get my replacement credit cards from NZ to Kirkenes Norway

  3. Great pics guys, try and enjoy Tashkent, it sounds exotic..
    At some time you need to try and explain to me where you get the confidence and commitment to take on such an expedition. As much as i would love to i would just be to concerned about stuff going wrong.
    The only “adventurous” trip i have been on was a jungle trek in Borneo over 7 days to see Orangutan in the wild. Went in the monsoon season !!stayed with the Iban natives in traditional long houses and had an experience of a lifetime. Returning to so called civilization put things into perspective somewhat..

    • Hi Mel, what gave you the confidence and commitment to go into the Borneo jungle for 7 days?….:) Amazing!! You have it already and when you break it down, it is our own fears that restrict us. A favourite saying, “What the mind can conceive and believe, can be achieved”.
      Stuff happens, things go wrong but that is part of the challenge in life. You know that..:). Something has happened with this parcel, beyond our control but we have it in hand.


  4. Bukhara, Tashkent, Samarkand…. just a little bit jealous, but loving the photos!
    While the waiting is no doubt driving you nuts, the chance to see some of these places ‘properly’ will leave you with some great memories – enjoy!

    • Hey Neal, thanks, yes, all of the above. Just pulled into Samarkand station. More later.

      Best, us đŸ™‚

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