Day 61 and Impatiently waiting.

Sorry folks, nothing to add so far today. The news on the part from the UK is, that there is no news.


So, today’s post is going to be a pictorial one  :-

Russian Military Uniforms with decorations. For Sale. Rather sad.

Lyabi-Hauz. The Old Town’s social centre.


A lamp post. The more support the better, right?

Magnificent mosaics. A world Heritage site.

Behind the plaster….



Ahmed, leading his camels from the desert, with our water pump? ..:)

Charming doorway.

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  1. Nice piccies, especially the lamp post! The mosaics look wonderful as does the charming doorway. More of these would be nice if you are bored tomorrow, please.

    • Hi Bridget, we will see what we can do re more pics. We are certainly bored enough..:) Contemplating a train trip to Tashkent to pass time. Will depend on our local mechanic and if he can fix the old pump today! Hope you both well and David hasn’t pranged his new Jag..:)



  2. Both well here. Jag still intact and hopefully will never get pranged. Hope the temporary pump fix goes ok.

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