Day 58 and our 3rd day in Bukhara

To say it’s hot is such an understatement. Forecast 43 degrees today – that’s shade temperature. Out in the sun is just like being in an inferno. We have ventured out for a short while though, I have to say that this unplanned break has given us a chance to regroup. I have managed to wash virtually everything and have given the Land Rover a bit of a spring clean inside. Those of you who know me well, will know (being a Virgo), I’m a bit fanatical about tidiness and order. Therefore living in a cramped, dusty, and sometimes messy, confined space, (with an untidy Kiwi) has it’s challenges. I won’t go so far as to say the old girl is spic and span, but she’s a bit cleaner and everything is in its rightful place.

While I was sorting out the inside, Dennis was under the bonnet having a look at our mechanical problem. A start has been made in stripping out the water pump. However, its late morning and just too hot for a recovering patient, who is still not 100%. So, back to the cool hotel room for another siesta.

In the evening we ventured out again. Cooler after 7pm. Back to the Lyabi-Hauz, the square built around a pool, and to the restaurant we visited previously. This evening we were earlier and it was still daylight. In the dark we had not noticed the   impressive buildings at either end of the square. Both Medressas. A Medressa is, or was, an institution of learning, often religious, but not exclusively. The Nadir Divanbegi Medressa, being the more impressive of the two. Beautiful exterior tile work in blues and greens depicting two peacocks holding lambs on either side of a sun with a human face. This Medressa was actually built as a caravanserai – an inn with a central courtyard for travellers in the desert regions of Asia, but the Khan at the time thought it was a Medressa, so it became one. Sadly it is now full of tourist  stalls. I was feeling very underdressed going out for dinner in my shorts – not even sure it is an acceptable thing for a lady of my vintage, to be wearing them at all!! It  was a good excuse for some retail therapy and I now have a pair of loose cotton pants with a matching tunic top. Nice and cool and unrevealing, if not exactly a fashion statement.

There is more to this town to see. Hopefully, Dennis will be back to his old self tomorrow and we can do some more exploring.

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