Day 57. More rest..:)

Well, Jen has given you the news about our beloved ‘chariot’. She’s leaking water. One has to be philosophical about these things. There is always an upside reason. For us right now, there are many. Jen has been struggling in the heat, though it didn’t help that we were wandering around in it in midday temperatures. What is the saying about Mad Dogs……? While out and about we stopped for a light lunch. Maybe not the best decision for me to have a leafy tomato salad, because I now have what’s called, ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’. So it has dramatically reduced my energy levels. While I should be outside taking the water pump off the wagon, I am languishing in bed, while Jen is a bundle of activity, catching up on clothes washing. The mechanical repairs can wait for now while the Imodium takes effect. We have the sanctuary of an air-conditioned hotel room and no doubt some time before the new pump arrives. The only downside is the time we are losing and how much it will impact on our Tajikistan visa, before it expires for that country.

Jen mention the carpet. The biggest problem in buying it, is where to put it when we get home, wall or floor? Also, the staggering choice of colours, patterns and sizes, not to mention cost. They are works of fine art, and to see them change hue completely, from different angles, is breathtaking.

We have just learned that the previous President, Karimov, has been deceased for two years. This is despite being told by the lady guarding his “memorial”, when asked if he was still alive and being told, yes! There is a pretty good chance he was a tyrant. As a result, his replacement has engendered better relations with neighbours and allowed the reopening of old border crossings with Tajikistan. A massacre of his people in 2005 by the army, has been put down to quelling Wahabi extremism but it is more likely, as many were businessmen, they were opponents of the leader? I was reluctant to mention the impact of his policy of continuing to grow cotton, on the country’s wellbeing. The huge degradation of water source and forced labour to harvest, are just two. The diminishing soil quality too seem to impacting on plant growth and productivity. There are signs of significant petroleum exploration, which may bring greater wealth to the country. Whether it will be shared by improved infrastructure, remains to be seen.

Enough from me today..:)

Well nearly enough. How could I not comment on President Trump’s visit to UK?  Trampling on the dignity and intellect of people, no matter their political persuasions. Perhaps the Brits should re-enact Commander Cochran’s visit to the American shores in 1814, and once again, burn down the White House! It is certain Trump’s advice, like that of his predecessor, will be treated with appropriate effect…:). How dare he refer to Europe’s immigrant disaster when his country, with some help from his allies, caused the very disaster that is happening now!! I can hear brother Kelvin giving me wise words of advice, to not talk about politics. Sorry Bro, there is a threshold..:)


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  1. Hi guys, just caught up on your blogs again, thanks, amazing locations, descriptions and photos. Not quite sure how you manage to function in that heat, phew 😌. 20 c is plenty warm enough for me. Sorry to hear about various “leaks” maybe vehicle would benefit from Imodium as well 😣. Good advice from Kelvin, don’t get me started on Trump. Pity about footie but i think we made tactical errors by dropping back at least 15 yards after going 1 up and trying to site on it. But i guess “local boy” Southgate from Crawley did good job. Take care, I’m looking forward to next instalments..

  2. You should have taken 2 Landrovers, then you would have something to drive while the other was getting repaired
    Trump. I dispair
    First priority, get well

    • Wouldn’t that be amazing…:). Enjoying the tennis? Old water pump out. Waiting for the replacement.

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