Day 59. Bukhara, Buxoro, Buhara….the same place.

Not much to write about today. I’m not going to bore you with what we had for breakfast…:)

I will bore you with some small progress though. After a not so great sleep, leapt out of bed at about 5.45am and stripped the old water pump out. Note the action, leapt. Yes, got the old mojo back. So much more bearable, the temperature, at that time of day. Anyway, got the pump out and reconnected everything to keep the dust out. The wagon is in a dusty courtyard beside a road, but under a tree, giving some shelter from the sun.

Back in time for breakfast which was interesting as some of the hotel guests are with a group of Overlanders, doing a Dragoman tour of this part of the world. I remember considering travelling back to NZ down through Africa with one of these types of tours in the 60’s. It would have been in an ‘S’ Bedford then. What I read subsequently was that they were not only carrying tourists, but also arms concealed in false floors and chassis rails, to South Africa. It may not have been Dragoman that were involved, but one of the operators certainly was!! (Don’t want any liable suits) Anyway, this group are travelling in an Mercedes truck but still with primitive seating and only plexi windows to keep the dust out. What surprised me was the advanced age of some of them. People in their 70’s! Don’t they know they should be at home with a rug over their knees, sipping tea?..:)

That’s about it. However. I would like to share something with you, that I think is brilliant. Kevin, a professional photographer (Rainbow Photography) and good friend in Rotorua, our home town in NZ, sent me this article this morning, about Kiwi’s in Russia. Yes, you Poms can turn away and say, ‘there he goes again’, but it’s interesting, on a number of levels. Thanks Kevin and NZ Herald. Inspirational stuff. Kevin is a mine of information.

Just click to read. Tell me if you didn’t enjoy the read.


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  1. Is there a hint in the link you posted. Thinking of starting up in business over there bro? Perhaps you could start a spare parts for Landrovers business, bound to be lots of customers. Good to hear you got your mojo back, you can take the cork out now. Good luck with the pump.

    • Now now, no besmirching a fine Marque. I seem to remember us pulling a Toyota Land Cruiser off a sand hill on the Simpson Desert a we while back! Or have you forgotten that..;)!

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