Day 29. Friday 15th June 2018 and abut 150k’s from Moscow.

Yes, quite disturbed sleep till 5am. Trains all night. Never mind. It was free..:)

We are now parked in the middle of a large field. Bare, fine dirt that will be ploughed soon, like the one opposite. By 5pm  we have driven 264 miles for the day and they have been fairly hard gained. Trucks, trucks, trucks in both directions. At one point, on the inside lane with a truck in front and a car about to overtake in the outside lane, a sudden black flash. A Mercedes screamed through on the inside, past both us and the truck in front, on the hard shoulder…wow!!!

We find a side road, through a hamlet, looking for somewhere to camp. The track is disappearing, but over a rise, a large field. That’ll do us. Not a soul in sight, but it wasn’t long before a tractor chugged into view. Deciding to be proactive I strode over to the tractor and beckoned him to stop. After wrestling with Google Translate he made a call and handed me the phone. His son-in-law spoke great English and when learning of our origins and destination, wanted us to come home for some Russian hospitality. This is just typical. Wonderful. I graciously declined as we had already set the Caranex up and Jen was preparing dinner….bread…nah! laughing. Since then a guy has come past walking his dog and and three young girls have cantered past on horses. All having a good look at the strangers. Our hosts assured us that we are fine parked here as it’s government land. They must lease it for their own crops?  We have invited the farmers family to meet us tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it.

It’s a glorious evening and at 9.15pm the golden sun is just about to dip below the horizon. Not a breath of wind and not quite so many of the pesky mozzies. Coil burning to deter any adventurous ones. Maybe we will have some darkness tonight, and with a clear sky, a cool night. The best.

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  1. Now listen here, you are not allowed to stir such envy and desire to get on the road. Great this modern technology, I remember waiting for your letters. Loving reading your blog, keep them coming

    • Hi Ash, agreed about the benefits and drawbacks of modern technology. Jen tells me I am writing too much …stuff. She’s probably right. 🙂

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