Plans gone awry

The very best plans can go awry, and ours have. Tonight finds us ensconced at the Hotel Phonix in Aalborg in northern Denmark. A very gentle Scandinavian city. Bicycles, pedestrianised streets and a mix of old Danish architecture with brand new contemporary designs, but all blending harmoniously. Dinner was fish and chips at an Irish bar – far from adventurous! A beautiful evening, so we enjoyed a perambulation around the city.

We were up early, for us, this morning and at a garage in Kolding by 0820 in our attempt to get the Landie starting problem attended to. Unfortunately, 2 mechanics had called in sick so they were unable to cope with the work already booked in and could not assist us. They recommended we proceed to Arhus (100 ks) and gave us the name of the Land Rover garage there. En route we telephoned them, but they were also inundated with work and unable to help. They suggested we try a garage in Aalborg. (Another 100 ks) This garage was also swamped and said they were fully booked all week. They did though, telephone the Bosch Service Centre, the other side of Aalborg and they, much to our relief, said they would try and help us. Sebastian, the mechanic there could not be more helpful. Fortunately his English is good too. It appears the fuel pump is failing. Luckily we have a spare with us, but changing it is a lengthy process as it is located underneath the back of the land Rover in the fuel tank. So, the work could not be completed today and we await a call from Sebastian tomorrow.  Hopefully, this will still give us time to get the evening ferry from Hirtshals to Kristiansand.

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  1. Land Rover mechanics Inundated, not a good advert
    Sebastian to the rescue. A bit if history rearing it’s head which of course Dennis will understand
    Interesting Jen about the VW combies. The are very expensive in NZ

    • Laughing…no, they were VW mechanics, afraid to venture into unchartered territory..:). Sebastian rides to the rescue.

  2. Hi guys,
    I,m enjoying your travel log so far and looking forward to “following” you on a regular basis. I hope that the mechanical gremlins will vacate your vehicle shortly and you pick up on any delays in schedule.
    Have a wonderful trip, and enjoy, what im sure will be an experience of a lifetime, take care.

    • Morning Mel, we are both hoping to be back on the road again soon. Great to hear from you. Hope all well with you. 🙂



  3. you see you wouldnt have that trouble if you were on your bicycles

  4. Better to get that sorted sooner rather than later so hope they are correct. Certainly sounds like a good call. Hope you are not walking tomorrow!

    • Hi John, will know in an hour or so. Don’t want to think about failure. very pleased to have a spare on board..:)

  5. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Easy to follow, readable…heck I had formed to leave a commment!

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