Merry Christmas to all, family and friends.

Wherever you are, continuing with your travels or taking a break. With family or friends, or home alone, like us, enjoy the festive season and we hope you will look ahead to the New Year, for what it could bring, with eager anticipation.

Brother Ash drove three hours to Auckland airport to pick us up off a very early flight from San Fransisco where we enjoyed four days with James & Sarah and family, en-route.

Since being back home in Rotorua, for what must be three weeks now, it’s been a battle having vehicles readied for mechanical inspections prior to re-registering for road use, and in Jen’s case, recovering our house from the clutches of overgrown gardens. Fruit trees are groaning and in some cases, branches breaking off under the weight of growing fruit.

It’s summer in New Zealand, though today, Christmas Eve, we have sorely needed rain over much of the country.

Tomorrow is for the children. Excitement, and lets hope, expectation rewarded.

Lots of love and we’ll see you in the New Year.

Dennis & Jen

A Kiwi and a Pom..:)

Preparing Christmas Dinner.

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  1. Hi guys! My name is James, I’m a doctor from the UK living near London. I’m 26 and a huge fan of travel. Two friends and I are planning the same trip from England to SA leaving march 2024. I just found your website and have found it very helpful! If there’s any way I could get in contact with you for advice that would be extremely helpful and it would be very much appreciated! Hope you’re still enjoying your travels. Best wishes,

  2. Hi James, so exciting, your impending trip. I guess the most important thing, is to obtain your Nigerian visas, before leaving the UK. We are very happy to answer any specific questions.

    Currently we are enjoying some home life in NZ till May.

    Best wishes.

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