Day 219. Saturday, 29th July, 2023. From Kronenhof Lodge to Sossus Oasis Campsite.

Overnight the weather was inclement. Having decided not to put up the tent because of the wind, we were doubly glad, as it also rained quite hard. Apparently this type of weather isn’t usual for this time of the year and rain wasn’t forecast.

I think this is one of the best campsites we have stayed at in terms of facilities. Excellent ablutions. Even with shower gel and shampoo provided. 

The usual ritual before departing. We went to the reception to use the Wifi. Unfortunately, the windy weather has severely reduced the signal, so loading any pictures in the blog was impossible.

We set of for Sossusvlei, but stopped soon after in the centre of Betta to refuel.  Betta consisted of just a small fuel station and a coffee shop/restaurant/small store, all under the same ownership. 

German Castle in Namibia

We decided on a small diversion of 21kms to Duwisib Castle. Built by a German Baron, Baron von Wolf in 1908.

Sadly there was no printed information available and the gentleman who normally provided visitors with information, was not there. The castle displayed an assortment of solid German antique furnishings and family pictures. A pity, it felt somewhat neglected and not well looked after.  The weather was drizzly, cold and horrible.

Setting off back to Betta, we stopped once again to warm up with coffee/hot chocolate and carrot cak

The road to Sossusvlei was pretty rough and corrugated, but the scenery was absolutely spell binding. Magnificent mountains. All the more attractive with the alternating sun and cloud. The weather did improve and the sun mainly shone, but it was very chilly.

We passed a number of private game lodges, some with their own airstrips. We saw a few zebra and chased an eland down the road, before it joined its friends. 

After a roadside lunch stop, we arrived at the Sossus Oasis. IOverlander advised this campsite was closed. It was very definitely open and busy. The camp within the Sossusvlei National Park is very expensive. There is apparently another outside the park, but as well as being overpriced, this had very poor reviews. So, we decided to see if Sossus Oasis had any space.

The shop/reception area was packed with tourists. I was advised there was space in the “group” camping, but all the sites with private ablutions were booked. The group space was fine for us and quite reasonably priced.

 We were warned not to leave anything outside as jackals like to chew anything they can find. Also that high winds are expected around 4am. While parked at reception, Dennis managed to put some pictures in yesterday’s blog. 

At the group campsite there was a large group on a bus, all with individual tents and a few other campers. We must be close to an airstrip as a number of small planes have taken off and landed. 

Although it is winter, this is high season for tourism. It is just too hot in the summer months. This is by far the busiest place we have come across so far.

Tomorrow we will visit the dunes which Sossusvlei is famous for. I hope the tent is pegged down firmly enough to withstand whatever weather eventuates during the night. 

PS. Again, pic’s when we get proper wifi. A rare commodity in Namibia.

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  1. Great photos and blog

  2. Hi Ash, we thought of you seeing two cyclists struggling on stony roads yesterday.

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