Day 71. Tuesday, 28th February, 2023. From Guekedou to Nzerekore, Guinea.

Leaving Guekedou

We set off on a beautiful newly surfaced road. Not having gone far, we approached 2 groups of people standing on either side of the road. Suddenly realising they were in military uniforms and one has his hand up to stop us, we screeched to a halt. We greeted him warmly and asked him if he spoke English as we spoke no French. This flummoxed him completely and he waved us on.

Buying the daily bread.

A short time later we came upon the scene of a head on crash between two heavily laden vehicles. Debris in the form of bags, plastic containers and all sorts was scattered far and wide. There were a number of people lying on the ground as well as a group standing looking. We thought the accident had happened recently and maybe there were some injuries and help might be needed. On stopping we were advised that the accident had happened last night.

In he middle of the road?

Our next encounter was a team repairing minor damage to the road. Pretty unusual. Then we noticed a Chinese overseer and all Chinese equipment. Obviously this road is a Chinese construction. Later in the day we came across another team with 2 Chinese overseers. On both occasions they were sitting looking bored to tears.

Scenery improving.

The scenery today has been lovely. It’s hilly country and the forest is denser with some magnificent trees. Huge clumps of bamboo and many palms. There is still evidence of burning and denuding the hillsides though. It appears to be less densely populated and so less villages. Probably the reason the forest is more pristine.


We wave to Sebastien and Alexandra as we pass them in Macenta. They had set off just before us. Soon after we backed into a shady pathway to stop for some lunch. It didn’t look well used but, of course, 2 groups of people came past while we were eating.

Arriving in Nzerekore

Nzerekore is the last large town before we reach the Ivory Coast border. Earlier in the day we had skirted the border with Liberia and seen several sign pointing to crossing points.

Beside the border.

We have decided we will stay in Nzerekore, although it is quite early to stop, around 15.30. We don’t know how the road will be from here. It has deteriorated quite a bit over the last 50ks and on the map it is shown continuing as a track.

Sebastien and Alexandra said they were going to stay at Chez Aida, but they thought it did not permit you to sleep in your vehicle. We decided we would try the Catholic Mission instead. It took a bit of finding, but is reasonably priced. We can park under the mango trees to sleep in our vehicles and have the use of the shower and toilet in one of the rooms. We later heard from Sebastien and Alexandra that Chez Aida was dirty and not very nice.

Dennis has been on a ripe mango hunt and we now have a pile on our table. We are surrounded by hens and cockerels scratching in the leaves under the trees. I hope the cockerels aren’t going to be crowing at 4 am.

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  1. Mike Reynolds

    Hello dear friends, Wow what an exciting journey your on and keeping safe i hope? Thankyou for your text enquiring how we are.We are still alive and kicking not going any where yet we are waiting for your return to Wineham so as to torment and be a nuicance to you .HA! HA!. Weather here still very cold,dont go out much only to Docs and Hospital app now,but all ok. Went to Spain January and rented while working repairing house.Apartment for the money, was not very nice to stay in for one month.We finaly got house back to our standard on last days of January it was hard work and lot of money to pay out. Sylv will not go back to stay in house again she is to nervous….shame as every time we go to Spain we will have to rent!!.so house up for sale again.Sorry not been in touch or looked at your interesting blog much,life seems to get busier as were getting older…as i repeat doctors and hospital visits and children of course.Well bueno vecinos!!! continue to enjoy your travels and keep safe . Best wishes and love Sylvia and IM in the garden!!

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