Day 58. Wednesday, 15th February. From the beach at Cap Skirring back to Camp Casamance in Ziguinchor.

The Beach

We were woken during the night by what sounded like a scream. We presumed it was Els. After the events of a couple of night’s ago, we thought someone maybe up to mischief.  Dennis got up to check if all was okay and if anyone was around. Finding nothing untoward we eventually went back to sleep.

All was revealed in the morning when Lars advised he dreamt he was being attacked by a snake and had called out. On waking he subsequently realised it was Els’s arm around him!

The beach was busy in the morning. When we had arrived the evening before it was deserted, apart from some cows. In the morning it was a hive of activity. Tractors and bikes passing. Walkers and people digging for shells, which they are using to make concrete.

We were slow getting going. We took a different route back to the main road driving along the beach. We passed a truck stuck in the sand. Great efforts going on to dig it out. Also more people taking shells for concrete.

Stuck fast.

We stopped a couple of times for fruit, vegetables and bread, then made our way back to Ziguinchor. The journey out to Cap Skirring took us through flat countryside. The Casamance river estuary. Large areas of water with many mangroves. Interspersed with small villages and areas of jungle. Various types of palm, creepers and vines as well as large trees. 

Where there are fields, which are obviously cultivated at some time of the year, the layout looks as if they are padi fields used for growing rice in the wet season. 

Back at Camp Casamance we are shocked by the large number of new arrivals. During the afternoon even more overlanders poor in. The majority are French and quite mature. Another young Dutch couple in a short wheel base TD5 also turn up and park close to us. 

Camp Casamance

As there was such a large crowd in the camp the owner, Pap, organised a show. It was supposed to start at 8pm. We cooked ourselves a meal and retired early, just as the entertainment was starting at around 9.30. I found sleep impossible due to the drums. The show consisted mainly of drumming with some whistles, and a little dancing, so we were told. Dennis was soon snoring away. Not sure which was the main culprit for keeping me awake. The drumming or the snoring 🙂

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