Day 54. Saturday 11th February 2023. Camp Sukuta – The Gambia

It’s 5pm and we are now the only guests in the camp.

After a walk to the main road to purchase some grease and a few ‘bits n pieces’ for the larder, it’s time to completely relax. Read and write. There’s just the slightest breeze and it’s a humid 26.5deg C.

She’s in another world…:)

This morning around 11.30am Lars & Els checked out. We may see them further down the track?

Els & Lars. They’re off to explore.

By Midday Adam had decided he needed to move on too. We will meet him Monday evening back in the southern part of Senegal. He’s a worrier. Worried that his vehicle pass will expire before leaving Senegal in a week. He had also decided he didn’t like any part of The Gambia.

With the blog updated and after a phone call to Mansour to arrange a meeting on Monday, we’re done for now. Jen has the Kindle out and is in a different space. I have recharged the grease gun from a pot of Nigerian made grease. Now I can grease the driveshaft tomorrow. That job is well overdue. Still with me Victoria? 🙂 While trying to fashion a new gasket for the toilet, I managed to bury the tip of a pocket knife blade, in my wrist, luckily missing arteries and tendons.

Leonard Cohen is singing ‘Anthem’ from my iPod. What a song writer! Sadly Leonard has passed on.

This dude’s got it all going on..:)

It’s time to read a chapter or two from my ‘Last Overland’ book. You’d enjoy it. Very well written. The original, ‘First Overland’, is perhaps the reason why we are here.

Life can be amazing huh!…:)

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  1. I can see the news now. ‘One handed old Kiwi drives through deepest darkest Africa’. Might pay to switch the pocket knife for a shovel bro. If you get my drift. Hope all else is going ok and the corruption doesn’t get any worse. Yeah right.
    Stay safe.

  2. Nice to hear you’re both taking some time to relax. Those boarder crossings sound nerve wracking to say the least. I’m on the edge of my seat reading the blog. Loving it. Keep enjoying the adventure!

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