Happiness again.

Following on from the last blog entry ;-

Late in the afternoon Thursday we got a message, Poki’s ready to collect.

It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions trying to source information and new parts for her. John, the Gumtree owner, suggested we should take a spare potentiometer (electronic accelerator pedal & sensor) with us. I immediately looked up issues that a faulty unit could cause. Over-fuelling, erratic running, excessive fuel use etc. With what we have experienced, the thought of fitting a new one seemed obligatory. Trouble is, there are none to be found. New or second hand.

Meanwhile the faulty ECU (computer) was sent away for repair or replacement and a warning that this could take two weeks. They also fitted a new starter motor. I guess it was wise as it has been thrashed due to excessive use trying to start her.

So after only a week in the workshop, it was with trepidation I commenced the drive home. Without justification, as she is now an amazing vehicle again. Gone the black smoke, gone the hesitation on start-up. Started on the button and smooth and enjoyable to drive again. Whew! Just as well we don’t need a new accelerator pedal.

Thank you Gumtree

For turning her around so quickly. I don’t think we appreciate how much collective activity and effort goes into achieving customers needs.

I have just calculated after refilling the tank that on our trip West, we achieved 17.21mpg. All across Asia and North America we are doing 29mpg average. The refill, including four Jerry cans, came to £240 that’s nearly NZ$500!!!

Packing in the snow & ice.

So, with a full load of fuel, water and the majority of our possessions stored onboard, we drove around to the local waste management weighbridge to be weighed. Fearing we were over the gross weight limit, with all the new stuff fitted. It was a pleasant surprise to see her register only 2800kg on the scales. Two hundred & fifty kg below maximum.

Jen has now booked the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe for 10am Tuesday 20th. We’ll stay in B&B the first night then catch up with Mike & Wendy on Wednesday. Adam is meeting us there, briefly. After that we’ll stop somewhere for Christmas Eve and Day, before crossing into Spain.

In case we don’t get the opportunity, or there’s not enough to write about :-

Merry Christmas to all.

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  1. Great news bro, hope it keeps on keeping on. Lovely but cool day here, ‘down’ to 22c. Keep the blogs coming and a happy and safe xmas to you both.

  2. Enjoy the adventure and Merry Christmas!

  3. Bob Dalgleish

    Well done, good luck. Have a great trip

    • Hi All, Tomorrow we sail for France. Drama this morning as there was an issue with the battery charging system.
      Hopefully fixed now. Also, ice in the kitchen water tube had cracked the tap. Hasty repairs with J B Weld, as it’s too late to order a new tap.

      Are we ready? There is anxiety as there are so many unknowns ahead. Will we be able to transit Nigeria!! All will be revealed in time.
      The snow and ice have gone but now there is flooding everywhere. We are so much looking forward to the warm empty spaces of Western Sahara and Mauritania.

  4. I wait with baited beath for news during this great adventure, travel safe and Merry Christmas to you both.

  5. Safe travels
    Fi and Tony

  6. Good luck and Bon Voyage.
    Cheers. Kevin

  7. Dennis have been reading your blog and will follow your new adventure as you go.
    It’s really great to be back in touch with you after all these years and i would like to wish you and all your clan a very merry xmas and a great new year roaming around the world.
    kindest regards from an old broken-down bowler

  8. Merry Xmas..(Feliz Navidad)!! dear friends,safe travels and enjoy Xmas where ever you be? .love Sylvia and IM in the garden.xx

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