Day 225. Wednesday, 11th March. Still at Rock Farm, near Belmopan, Belize.

It has been a bit of a roller coaster day. Good news to start. Our fridge arrived in Belize City last night. Hooray!! We have been in touch with the freight forwarding company, but we cannot collect it until their agent has cleared it through customs. Dennis has sent them a copy of the invoice, as they requested and we are waiting to hear from them.

It has also been another fine day, so I have done the rest of the washing and managed to get it dry. It is very overcast this evening, so I hope it doesn’t turn into a wet night.

We looked at some of the birds in the sanctuary this morning. There are several hundred altogether, scattered in cages throughout the grounds. Many have been injured or born with deformities and so cannot not live in the wild. Some are unwanted pets and some have been removed from poachers. They are trying to rehabilitate as many as possible and set them free again. So, talking to the parrots is strictly discouraged.

Today we have seen several wild toucans for the first time. Beautiful birds.

The bad news this afternoon is we hear the Guatemala border is to closed to all Europeans tomorrow. An attempt to keep the Coronavirus out of the country. I first saw a newsflash about this on an “Overlanding” site on Facebook. It was in Spanish, but we could pretty much translate it.

Checking online the directive is talking about passengers flying in, so I don’t know if it will affect us. Or, I should say me, as Dennis doesn’t have a European passport. I am hoping, if I show them my NZ Residence Permit and tell them I live in NZ, they will let me in!

We have also just heard we can pick the fridge up at 1100 tomorrow. Great news.

Now swinging back to the negative side again. Apparently El Salvador has closed its borders to all foreigners for 30 days. El Salvador should be our next destination after Guatemala. I was afraid this might happen. We have a lot of borders to cross going down into South America. Hopefully, the virus will abate soon.

Well, we are in Guatemala. Whew! Immigration didn’t seem to know where the United Kingdom or New Zealand were, though they had a list of banned countries and the United Kingdom was on it. More later..:)

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