Day 224. Tuesday 10th March. Rock Farm Bird Sanctuary & Guest House. Belmopan. Belize.

I can’t believe how lucky we are to find this place. Only about 5 k’s from the capital, Belmopan but a sanctuary for the soul as well as for birds. 

There is a lovely Russian couple Sergy & Tanya camped here, who now live in Toronto. This morning we chatted over maps of South America, as they have spent the last 5 years discovering the continent of South & Central America, in their Jeep Wrangler, towing a wee caravan. Anyway, it was a brilliant hour and we now have a much clearer range of options as to how to spend the southern summer, without getting cold. There is no sense in heading down to the southern tip of Chile with the winter coming on. After the brief they departed for Hopkins. We now have the place to ourselves.

Jerry, the land owner, runs a recovery program for birds that are bought to him in a damaged state.

This morning we went into town to do a few chores. The main one was to renew the vehicle 3rd Party insurance. I also had to have a J.P. witness my signature for letting the pension people know I’m still alive and entitled to the pension. Much easier here, in an English speaking country. 

Before leaving to go into town, we messaged Bernard, the fridge import man for an update on progress. Did it make the last Thursday weekly freight flight from Miami, etc? As of 4pm we still await his reply!  Desperate to know, we have to be patient and not make a nuisance of ourselves.  

It rained a little last night. We managed to do some washing, well Jen did. I watched it dry. The forecast for the next week or so is for more rain. It’s a gorgeous day today but there are clouds around. Rain here at this time of year, most unseasonal, the locals say. 

Meanwhile, Sarah, Tim and children are making their way on down through Guatemala. We’re itching to get going again too. 

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  1. Keeping all crossed for the fridge. Warming up here after a week or so of unseasonably cool weather, back into the 30’s but due to drop again tomorrow. Crazy weather all round. Queensland in flood after the fires, who knows what next. Off to NZ for ride with Noel on 15th for 17 days, maybe my last but who knows. Putting UK trip on hold till later in the year, prob have to be next year now, but will wait & see. All else good. See ya

    • Hi! Bro, just written to you. We have till the 15th to leave Belize but may not be able to get into Guatemala. Borders closing. Could be interesting. Enjoy your ride. Old bikies never die, just loose their teeth and hair…:)

  2. Clementinaelle

    Hey! I just saw you at the Spanish lookout FTC!! I love seeing people come to belize and especially with a fun vehicle! Have fun traveling and best of luck with your upcoming trips! Will keep reading you blogs❤️

    • Hi! Clementin, shame we didn’t get to chat. Loved Belize. Thanks for your kind wish.

      Dennis & Jen

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