Day 150. Friday 11th October. Loreto Bay. Baja Mexico.

Last night was perfectly relaxing. Nobody around and the sea gently lapping the shore. But it must have been one of the longest nights for me. Yes it was hot, 31 degrees in ‘Poki’ at 2am! 

Poki! How appropriate after last night. That’s the new name for our ‘Green Goddess’, the Land Rover. It nicely sums up our living space, but more importantly, it’s a combination of Pom and Kiwi. Because it’s a Pommie vehicle the Po gets precedence. and ‘ki’, the Kiwi bit, follows… Nice and short to write, and with dual meaning. Thank you and well done to Colin, for your originality.

As the adhesive windscreen blind had slipped down, by 8am the sun was streaming in. It’s already it getting too warm to stay in bed. Lovely to look out and see the blue sea so close to us. I think my sleeping problem was that Jen had read on iOverlander (an App for places for overlander’s to stay, etc.), that we were likely to be invaded by rowdy young locals who come down to the foreshore to have sex and play loud music. Nobody showed up, but I was unable to relax, fearing an onslaught. 

The other problem this morning was one of flies!! Bloody flies by the thousand. We bought some fly spray in the US but it’s useless. Kills on contact and keeps files away for up to a month, it says! If you are unsatisfied and return it, along with the original receipt of purchase, we will give you a full refund. It may take 60 days to process. Who makes up this tripe? If the stuff works, who would want to return it!

By 10.30am we had had enough so packed up after breakfast and headed into town to get some wifi and relief from the pestilence.

A slightly blurry Turkey Buzzard

A big bowl of porridge wan’t enough for Jen as she ordered a plate of pancakes to nibble with her coffee…:) 

Sarah’s friends, Jeff and Tracy have a house down here in Loreto Resort.  A Spanish style pad that exudes effortless outdoor living and opulence. For the next two nights we have an air-conditioned luxury apartment on the roof, before commencing our return trip to NZ.

One of Jeff’s business partners has an RV storage facility close to the airport, so we visited Jorge and familiarised ourselves with his facility and the airport. We’ll drive to the airport on Sunday and one of his staff will take it from there to his storage unit. Return it to the airport for us, on our return on 30th December. Great service and attitude. 

Some of the day was spent removing the stuff we need for home, plus what we didn’t need, to pack in the Chinese carry bags we bought in Vladivostok last year. 

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  1. Glad to hear it’s all going to plan, oh and you are sharing the flies! Mind you, they haven’t really been an issue this trip. Rained last night for first time for months, although only 1 day and now fine again. Look forward to catching up in Dec. Have safe trip home you two.

  2. Kellyatdear22

    So glad you are enjoying the trip and now back in NZ – we will look forward to new blog in December!! Kelly and Stacy PS we just returned from Marsha and Scott sons wedding- very lovely they say to give you their regards too

    • Hi! Kelly, just spoken to Mum on her birthday…:). They are both well and looking forward to your next visit. We will call in and visit them in mid November. Best wishes to Scott and Marsha. Tell Marsha we loved her butter…:)

      Best to you both.


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