Day 148. Wednesday 9th October. Rice & Beans RV Park, St Ignacio to Dos Amigos Camp site 20k’s past Santa Rosalia, Baja California.

Tonight we are camped very close to the water line in a marginal campsite, on the Sea of Cortez. It’s nearly 6.30pm and very warm, humidity wise. 

Last night while Nicky, Joel, Jen and I were enjoying a chat in the bar over a beer, a small fly buzzed into my right ear. Unfortunately, it’s still there. No longer alive I believe, as one of Nicky’s cotton buds allowed me to terminate it in situ, but not extract it. The result is, even more diminished hearing!..:)  Jen put some vegetable oil in the ear this morning in hope of helping it come out. These small flies seem to seek cavities as Joel had a similar experience a couple of days ago. It’s comforting that he is still alive…:). Now I have bits of tissue paper stuffed in each ear to avoid a repeat experience. 

Jen photographed a small scorpion in the shower. 

After more chatting, we all headed into town to visit a historic former Jesuit mission. Completed in the late 1780’s with walls of lava rock 1.2m thick, it’s an impressive structure with an ornately carved wooden alter. 

Following a photo session both teams headed off. 

Joel & Nicky with their Mitsubishi Delica they have done a great job modifying for living and travelling.

The next town was Santa Rosalia. An industrial town. Un-pretty, but with a cobalt copper mine and processing plant nearby that reopened in 2013 employing 3800 people, a vital earner for the community. 

After lunching in the shade on a side street in town, we decided that we would have an early finish to driving today. Finding this campsite in a fairly quiet part of the coast. The biggest attraction was a strong wifi signal. Needing to book our flights from Auckland to Rotorua and do a few other admin jobs. One of those was to write to 2degrees, our broadband supplier at home, to ask them to reconnect us for when we arrive back. However, they would not accept our emails from Mexico!! Despite them telling us to “just email us when you want it reconnected!”! Yeah right! A point for discussion when we get back. 🙂

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