Day 146. Monday 7th October. El Rosario to Bahia de Los Angeles. Mexico

Three other RV’s must have come into the campsite after we had gone to bed at 8pm!! We heard them all leave before we rose this morning. 

Today’s drive was through very arid, sparsely populated territory. Hot and inhospitable. The scenery alternating between brown hilly, scrubby ground with several different types of cacti, (some immense) and areas of huge, smoothly rounded boulders. Striking Peneplains surrounding us in the distance. 

Our direction is on Mexico-1 south, then south east. We’re heading for Bahia De Los Angeles a scenic area. It’s on the eastern side of the peninsula but we will have to retrace our steps as it’s 60k’s off the route that will take us to Guerrero Negro in the west. There is a short-cut on the map to Bay of Concepcion, then on down to Loreto Bay. However, the possibility of getting stuck is very high and with little traffic, could be there for some time. No thanks! 

We stopped for two cars broken down on the roadside but could do little for them. The first one had blown a cylinder head gasket, as what water we pored in came gushing out, when I asked him to start it. 

The second had simply run out of petrol. Being a diesel vehicle, we couldn’t help but gave him a drink of water to sustain him. 

The standard of vehicle preparedness and presentation is very poor. In the populated areas there are car wrecking yards everywhere and all the vehicles have been cannibalised. I suspect these are used to keep the fleet mobile.

Everyone drives like a lunatic, or am I getting old…:). No need for an answer there..:)

The countless roadside crosses are an indication that somethings not right. 

There have been no fuel stations since we left this morning. The fuel level needle was into the orange zone when we pulled into the small junction settlement of Punta Prieta and emptied two jerry cans into the main tank. 

Rounding a corner, 50k’s on, we were met with a glorious blue sea with islands dotted over it and settlements on the foreshore.

One of the settlements was the camp site we are in tonight. Right by the sea side but again, it’s very scruffy. Though we have sand under us, instead of powered dirt.  There are no other campers though a number of young American’s are circulating.

As there is reasonable wifi, I decided to give daughter Sarah a call on WhatsApp. She had read about us loosing our card reader and asked why we didn’t just plug the card into the slot on the side of the Mac?!!

Why hadn’t we indeed! Now we don’t need a card reader. YAY!! Hence the few photos appearing. Thank’s Sarah. She is also bringing us down a Coleman camp oven, to sit on our petrol cooker. Then we’ll be able to bake our very own bread. I’m looking forward to that. Jen say’s I’ll have to do it because she’s never baked bread before! Time for a change I reckon!..:)

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