Day 144. Saturday 5th October. Campo ‘Alisitos’ K58. to Campo Coyote Cal’s. Erendira. Baja Clif. Mexico.

Well, a lovely camp site looking right over the Pacific from an elevation of about 30m. The swim last night was lovely and refreshing. Jen thought it was cold but once under, it was warm.

It’s a dry dusty site but with a view to die for. The only problem was the constant roar of the ocean below us. We were soon asleep at about 9pm but were woken by the radio of the surfies beside us at around 2am. It took a while to get back to sleep. The sun was  up by 7.30am. 

Deciding to stay on the Freeway instead of joining the toll road, took us through village after village. 13k’s out from Ensenada the traffic was at a standstill. It must have taken us over an hour and a half to crawl into the city. At one point I remembered we hadn’t locked the rear door so got out to lock it while stopped in the traffic. A big mistake. Not only was it due to paranoia but I must have had my camera bag between my legs while taking pics along the foreshore because, when we got to the Information Centre at Ensenada, it was nowhere to be found!!!  A big blow as the card reader was in the side pocket. Now we can no longer load pics down onto the Mac and the blog. Bugger!!!

After picking up a map from the Info centre and using their wifi to post Jen’s blog, we made a B-line  for Walmart in the hope of buying a new card reader and two came cases. Jen must have lost hers the same way, earlier. Unfortunately Walmart had no card readers but we managed to buy a couple of makeshift camera cases. 

It’s so convenient to put stuff between your legs but I should have learned from loosing a cell phone the same way, a number of years ago. Jen had a good shop-up in the grocery section of Walmart and we were on our way. They had a amazing array of fresh fruit and vegetables. Pawpaw, mangos, pineapple and avocado’s at $1 a kg!! Well, it took us another two hours to clear the city limits due to endless traffic lights and traffic. 

By 4pm we were only about 60k’s from the city and heading inland. 

An early observation. Mexicans are a genial lot. Impatient on the road but good natured and friendly. I think we are going to enjoy Mexico, a lot.

Passing a RV Camp we opted to head further south in the hope of finding some camping on the coast. The Information Centre gave us a brochure for the campsite we are now parked at. There has been Beach Buggy type racing going on in the hills as there are half a dozen racers here at the camp site. 

This part of the Baja peninsula must be a big producer of foodstuffs as there are countless large areas under poly-tunnel or similar. The coast line is lovely but there are no sealed roads once you get to the towns. There’s so much dust!!

Maybe I can buy what we need online, and have it sent on ahead, to our friends in Loretto Bay?

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