Day 136. Friday 27th September. Leisurely Place Campsite, Leisurely, to Cottonwood Creek campsite. Truckee. California.

As yesterday was Jen’s day to write the blog, she wouldn’t let me put these pics in her story. No taste that girl. Anyway, here are some pics of a junk yard we passed and here is some of the treasure waiting to be restored.

This morning has dawned rather dull and overcast after a glorious day yesterday. 

We were up early and ready to roll by 9am. That must be some sort of a record but we didn’t actually leave till 11am!!. The reason, so much internet searching being done. We are trying to co-ordinate flights to NZ and back, from Mexico. Also arrange for a place to leave the Land Rover for a few months. We are certainly blessed, as daughter Sarah has come to the rescue. She has  friends, formerly from Whistler, in Loretto Bay, Baja. Tracy & Jeff have offered to host us for a few days and arrange to store the vehicle while we are away. It’s now just a matter of fixing dates for flights at the right price. 

Once underway this morning, the countryside is of a more gentle contour. It could be best described as, scrubby. Not a lot of farming activity till later on in the morning, on our south easterly course down H’wy 395, destination Truckee. 

Compared with Oregon the roads here in this part of California have long straights which makes for  boring motoring. 

With the sat-nav set for Truckee taking the shortest route, we were diverted away from the main road up a forest track. It wound up and up to a point where there was a sign inviting us to drive to the Black Mountain view point. Only three miles but it must have taken us 30min. Unfortunately when we got to the summit the view was very restricted. Some serious communication technology making use of the uninterrupted location. Taking the opportunity to have lunch, then on the way down were treated to a panoramic spectacle of Honey Lake, plains and surrounding mountains. 

Further along and rounding a corner, there beside the road, a magnificent stag, standing looking at us only 100m away. We stopped immediately and had time to get a photo before it trotted away. Thinking it had gone bush it had only stopped to take another look at us but quickly vanished when we got closer. 

Our “shortcut” might have cut a couple of miles off the journey but the mountain excursion cost us plenty of time. So, while we only had approx 170 miles on hitting the road this morning, by 4pm we still have 20 miles to go. Not to worry as we have found a Forest Park campsite and are now established. The wind has got up and the camp hostess told Jen that snow is forecast for the weekend. That’s tomorrow!!!  It’s interesting seeing the road markers having had extensions attached to them, to deal with snow depth!

I’m happy we are heading south to warmer climes. Death Valley sounds inviting…:)

Oh! I have started a new book donated by Bill in Edmonton. ‘World by Land’ by Roy Rudnick & Michelle Weiss. Two Brazilians who drove their Land Rover Defender 130 around the world including a circumnavigation of Africa. Published in 2015.

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  1. Great to have you both back bro. Your starting hours are starting to sound like ours! 9.20am as I sit hear and time to get breakfast. Also very gratifying to hear of so many wonderful people offering you assistance, I told you the yanks are very hospitable. We have only progressed south to Bowen, just too many hospitable aussie farm stays and beaut weather too. Keep on keeping on.

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