Day 131. Saturday, 7th September. Portland

Today was spent packing and tidying up the Land Rover. Kelly and Stacy went to work and left us free run of their house to get ourselves organised for our short trip back to the UK. Thank you Kelly and Stacy for your generous hospitality.

Dennis gave the Land Rover a good sprucing up. It was a while since she had a good wash. For the first time in ages, the weather turned inclement and rained hard. The car cleaning  exercise wasn’t without it’s challenges. While running out the hose to reach the street, the pipe the tap was connected to, parted company. Resulting in the water poring from it unchecked! Fortunately the isolating valve was close at hand and the flow stopped, while we visited the nearest hardware shop for some new bits. While reconnecting the pipes a wasps nest was disturbed and Dennis received three stings from a very angry wasp strain. 

In the evening we drove up to the ranch about 20k’s away belonging to Kelly and Stacy’s friends, Scott and Marsha. The Land Rover is now securely locked up under cover in one of their barns. They have a lovely property overlooking their horse paddocks. Marsha very kindly invited us all to dinner and we had a lovely meal and a very pleasant evening chatting. Thank you very much Scott and Marsha for a lovely evening and looking after our ‘home on wheels’.

Tomorrow we head to the airport for a 6.15pm departure and a couple of weeks of R & R in West Sussex. 

It is also our intention to take a trip to London to stay with son James & Sarah and become acquainted with my new granddaughter Sienna. Now 4 months old. At the same time visit Stanfords of London, the Map people, to stock up on South American maps for the next phase of our journey. 

Regular blog contributions will recommence when we are back in Portland on the 23rd September. 

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