Day 118. Sunday 25th August. Capitol Reef National Park to Nephi, Utah.

It was a tranquil camp site about 30 miles from Capitol Reef National Park. So much cooler and more pleasant up in the hills. Close to 3000m elevation. 

A 17 mile drive to the township of Torrey, Utah, where we picked up some supplies and managed to get some internet time, at the local Visitor centre. 

We debated the time factor for getting to Portland Oregon by the 5th of September. Jen’s anxious about being late for the flight to the UK on the 8th. Though still wants to see every scenic park or feature along the way. So, we have compromised, a new experience for me. We are going to skip some of the smaller National Parks on the way but take in Yellowstone, etc. No amount of looking at the map will convince her that we are not that far away from Portland and could make it in a few days if we had to. 

Todays National Park was …amazing! Less well known and consequently populated, than the others we have visited recently. Also you can drive at your own pace, stop often to gaze in awe at the colours, rock formations and take photos. Part of the road or track in the canyons, has no seal. Land Rovers love that stuff. They purr contentedly and their drivers smile in acknowledgement..:)

Todays photos are going to be a little similar to the last few days. It’s easy to get blasé about the shapes and colours. Sorry if they are a little repetitive.

Once out of the canyons with their spectacular formations, the countryside changes as we head north. Now there are wide valleys with grasslands and signs of industrial farming. The towns are a little down-at-the-heel looking. It’s so much hotter in the valleys too. 

With 211 miles to get to Salt Lake City we have called it a day 95 miles short and opted for a motel for the night. Once away from the touristy areas, camping and RV sights are few and far between.

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