Day 104. Sunday 11th August. Lamon Homestead, west of Fayetteville to Memphis. Tennessee.

It was a hot humid night.

We were up and ready to face the day at 8am…..Well, that’s what my watch said, but I hadn’t wound it back from crossing a time zone yesterday. So it was 7am. Still, the sun was coming up, and we had miles to do. 

The Caranex was soaking from the heavy dew and condensation. 

Once everything had been dried and put away I decided to use the family trolly jack to raise the vehicle and grease the driveshafts. 

Grandfather Fred and Cookie had gone off to church early, so it was with Derek that we said our goodbyes. 

A couple of night’s ago I was chatting with a camper, Durell, who was interested in our journey. After discussing his experiences of cycling across America, we both agreed that the greatest pleasures come from human interaction and particularly with those we meet on our journeys.

Jen eloquently summed up our enjoyment at meeting the Lamon family in yesterdays blog. I hope Derek, the only one we met, with computer skills, gets to read of our sentiments. Time permitting, I would loved to have chatted longer with him about his growing business. 

The road we have chosen to drive west on, Hway 64 is a now bypassed main road, and on a Sunday morning, it was nearly deserted. Just the way we like it. Passing through the occasional small town and getting a feel for life in Tennessee. Without a doubt, the biggest influence in life here, is the Church. The number of denominations and their edifices, not insubstantial, is huge. Most had car parks full, as we drove bye. 

Cherokee being driven from their traditional homelands!! Trail of shame.

I think it was Bolivar that’s town centre shops were nearly all closed. Closed for good, not just because it was Sunday. My guess is the internet and perhaps shops like Walmart, are the reason for that. Should City Hall have influence in new developments, or is that best left to business and entrepreneurial flair?

Police presence on the roads is conspicuous. A number of agencies represented by different liveried vehicles. Most were talking to customers ..:) We don’t travel fast enough and stay under their radar, so to speak. 

Within 20 miles of Memphis, (pop 700,000+) we were directed by our advisor (sat-nav) to join the interstate. Jeez I hate those roads, with a passion. Sure, they get you to your destination more quickly, but they are frenetic. 

Jen had decided that we were going to have a break from sleeping in the Landy tonight and enjoy an air conditioned motel room. I can’t say I’m unhappy about that, as we didn’t get to shower yesterday and perspiring like you do at 97deg F, a shower would be most welcome. 

So, we are in a Motel 6, room not far from downtown Memphis. No, we are not going for a walk tonight. I heard what sounded very much like a gun shot and not long after, a police helicopter passed over. Welcome to America. Land of the right to bear arms!!!  

It would be remiss of me not to mention the All black’s 27 – 46 drubbing by the Aussies in the latest rugby match.

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  1. Back in Normanton for 1 night before heading east. Karumba for 5 nights, fantastic. Met a maori guy in the pub to watch the game, best not spoken about but a worry non the less. Sat will tell the story. Glad you are meeting so many nice people. Smile and the world smiles with you. Email to follow.

    • Hi! Kelvin, have just been reading your latest Blog. I’ll put the pic of the Croc about to devour Jen, on the blog here.
      I as telling John of Gumtree 4X4 in the UK, last time there, that NZ rugby is heading down for a bit. Not a bad thing for the game and ‘we will return’. This weeks test will show what direction we are heading.
      99deg f here yesterday and without aircon, it’s not easy when you stop!!

      Keep enjoying life..:)


  2. Hi guys .. pleased to hear that you haven’t been shot or eaten by bears..😄 however I think it’s the latter that you need worry about now.. 😱
    The house looked awesome and how nice were those people that invited you into their home. Special people experiences indeed.. I know that Ash always thrives on the people experiences when he’s travelling too.
    We’re are having some intense weather in NZ at the moment just took Shelby for a walk and got drenched by a nasty squall.. it alternates from rain to shine constantly. There was a mini tornado on the Auckland water front last night that tipped a couple of boats over, crushed some containers and various other incidents.
    Happy travelling… stay safe..

    • Hi! Lizzie, yes severe weather all over the world. 100 year floods every year, Tornado’s where never before, droughts, melting glaciers. Otherwise life is wonderful..:)


      Us xx

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