Day 86. Wednesday 24th July. Hilden Nova Scotia to Saint John. New Brunswick.

We put the Caranex up saturated last night and it started raining as we were putting it up again last evening. Oh well, you take the rough with the smooth. 

The rain and dripping from the branches overhead, stopped around 5am, so we were able to open the roof vents and let some air in. It was a hot sticky night.

After breakfast the Caranex was rolled up still wet. It would have been a nice camp site, had the weather been fine. 

There was an email from Fredo of Donaldsons this morning, giving me a contact for a pre-filter in New Hampshire. I dashed off an email to Greg and he was back to me in minutes. Yes, he has one in stock and will put it away for us. What a difference in customer service. I’ll say no more. We should be in New Hampshire late this week or early next and hopefully, can close the file…:).  

Today we commence our journey west to Saint John in New Brunswick before heading south into the US.  Just a little aside, diesel in Nova Scotia is approaching $1.159/L and cheaper than petrol. Diesel in New Brunswick is approx $1.299 and dearer than petrol. We filled up before crossing the border and it will get us to the States where it’s about 95c/L. 

Bill in Edmonton has ordered a set of suspension rubbers and bushes and they are being sent to Bill in Saint John. Yes, most people that are Land Rover enthusiasts are called Bill. Salt of the earth..:)

Around lunch time we stopped at the information centre just over the new Brunswick border and while Jen made lunch I took the Caranex off the roof and spread out on the lush grass beside the vehicle, to dry in the sun. 

Next minute a young lady pops her head around the back door of the Land Rover, excited about seeing a British registered vehicle in Canada. I think we could have chatted the whole afternoon about my second favourite subject.  Jessica Anderson-Hudson has recently arrived from the UK to lecture at a local university. A Brexit exile?..:) Of course the spectre of a Johnson administration was soon under discussion. I asked Jessica what she was lecturing in? “Political Science” was the response. While she would not be drawn too much on her political beliefs she was close to the Swedish model of Social Democracy. I bet she has fun with her students. Crafting the conscience of the next generation in Eastern Canada. Great stuff Jessica. I hope you found time to eat your lunch before the next lecture…:) 

This morning the sat-nav and Jen conspired to keep us off the motorway. Lovely rural scenery and little traffic. Enjoyable. 

After lunch the three lane motorway is the only real option as we still had over 200k’s to go to get to Bill Nixon’s place in Saint John. 

At our speed of 85-87kph, trucks were flying past us at 110kph. A Mitsubishi car had stopped at the side of the motorway so I pulled in front of him and asked what his problem was. “It’s showing an overheating warning” he said. Oil and water were fine so I suggested he turn the aircon off and get to his destination and have it checked out. He passed us a little later with a cheery wave. 

Bill’s place is at the western side of the city. Population over 70,000. It looks to be a fairly industrial city with two large mills close to the city. It seems Saint John was a popular destination for the Irish escaping the potato famine of the mid 1800’s. 

Saint John is on the Bay of Fundy and reputed to have the greatest tidal fluctuation in the world. That would surprise me as I was under the impression that the north west corner of Australia held that distinction?

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  1. I hope that air pre-cleaner will work once you get your hands on it. You seem to have driven half way around north America in search of it!

    • I hope so too John. Jen is giving me a hard time about it saying “we have got this far without it…”

      It should have been fitted before we left the UK. I am being pedantic but I am picking there will be some dusty roads in South America and I like to be prepared.

  2. Hi Dennis and Jen, I’m thoroughly enjoying the posts as they come hot off the press! Really cool to hear that you’re in Saint John, we were there back in 2010 (only for a night) and we too thought it was pretty industrial looking. Excited to hear you’ll be making your way into Maine soon. I had a fun time passing back into the States at that boarder crossing. I don’t think they were in a very good mood that particular day! Anyways, safe travels. It’s an amazing journey to keep up with!

    • Hi Logan, any tips for Boston?



      • Boston is a beautiful City. What I would recommend is making sure to drive down the Massachusetts coast from New Hampshire down to Boston. You’ll pass through some great little towns. Gloucester (a gritty little fishing town). It was portrayed in the movie ‘The perfect Storm’. Then there’s Salem – famous for the Witch trials that happened back in the late 1600’s. The history in these New England towns is pretty amazing.

        • Hey Logan, thanks for that. Yes, read the book Salem and looking forward to visiting Bedford and some of the other former whaling town that have an association with NZ in the late 1700’s early 1800’s. We are enjoying Maine.

  3. It was a pleasure to have a little chat with you in Sackville! I strongly suspect we easily could have chatted about your second favourite subject all afternoon. Have a safe onward journey!

    Check out Shain’s Of Maine in Sanford (route 109 20-25 minutes off the Main Turnpike) if you have a chance. Very cheap and not half bad lobster rolls and an abundance of ice-cream flavours. I will stop there for a lobster roll and ice-cream when I drive to DC for a conference in late August. Route 1 south through Maine is very pretty. Beware of the Canadian invasion if you drive past Old Orchard Beach! 🙂

    • Hey Jessica, Yes, we have already checked out the Lobster rolls. Very nice..:)

      Great to hear from you.

      Dennis & Jen

  4. Yo bro, just into Longreach after 3 days at Tambo and no mob coverage. Pity you couldn’t send some of that rain over here. Just listened to AB’s draw with SA after a last 30sec try & conversion to yarpies. Retallick could be out for some time. Keep it coming.

    • Hey Kelvin, didn’t even know they were playing. Sounds like a good game?

      Enjoy Longreach. We in the US now. Good ol Uncle Sam..:)

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