Communications from the South of France

I am sure we mentioned that we were heading for the sun and sea for a few days. Nowhere was more appealing than somewhere in France. I guess you could say we have developed a bit of an obsession with the country. We flew into Nice a couple of days ago and took a rental car from the airport. Jeez it took an hour or two to get used to sitting on the wrong side and changing gears with my right hand and it’s fair to say that the nearside of the vehicle was lucky not to have made contact with some fairly solid objects. However, the adjustment has been made and Jen is a little more settled..:)

In the 18th century house we are staying, our hostess Deborah, agreed to take us to some of the more interesting sights in the area. “Antibes has a market this morning” she said at breakfast. I countered by asking if she would like to direct us to it? Not wanting to make the trip on our own as the roads around here are narrow, winding and congested.  It’s late in the season for them here so she readily agreed.

While I’m not going to bore you with too much detail, I think the following photos will help you understand why we are so enamoured with France..:) While this is not the area we would choose to settle, should we make the transition at a later stage in life, it’s pretty typical of life here. 



Our abode. Not all of it from the 18th century. It was a chapel at one time.


Now I want you to concentrate hard and tell me which country this gentleman represents?

Later on, while stopping for a drink in Mougins, a quaint arty village in the hills that sports a large brass head of Picasso, we could hear the Kiwi accent from the table beside us. Sure enough and it didn’t take us long to have good old chat.

Jen has spent most of our spare time relaxing by the pool in the autumn sun. It’s still warm enough for her to have developed a pinkish hue..:)

On the ‘Overland’ subject. A box of spare parts is on it’s way to Bill & Joan in Canada.

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  1. I
    Living in Sth France is a good option
    Instead of doing up a Humber 80 / Hillman you should have done a Citroen DS or the Light 15
    Just a thought

  2. No brainer. After being back in the UK for a week we are convinced more than ever that our move to France was the right decision. We won’t be moving back.

    • Hi! Guy’s, without disrespect to your country of birth, which is also amazing, I would concur with you. Such a personal thing and dependent on your life perspective.:) Wonderful that you are embracing the decision.

  3. I bet it is a bit of a culture shock to come back to “civilised ” europe after your travels! Well done both of you. Welcome back!

    • Hi Ros, Great to hear from you. Yes,it was the most amazing experience. Having been back in “civilisation”for a few weeks it begins to feel almost unreal! We have moved on again and just arrived in Vancouver where we are collecting the Land Rover from the ship, which arrived here late on Tuesday night. The shipping agent has told us there is likely to be a delay with Customs opening the container for inspection. We are booked back to New Zealand on the 31st and the agent is doubtful Customs will release the Land Rover by then. Nothing is easy! We have already changed our tickets back to NZ once. Looks like we will have to do it again – an expensive process! Hope things are good with you in Italy, or are you in the UK at the moment? Jen x

  4. Just started to read your admirable blog. Cathy talks about it often and I can see why.

    • Hi Suzanne, great to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words. We both enjoy writing it and are looking forward to starting again on Stage 11. Stay tuned…:)


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