Day 111 in cricketing terms, Nelson. 5th September. Vladivostok.

Nelson = One eye, one arm and one leg. Deemed unlucky..:)

Today is an auspicious day. Today we celebrate the day Jen was born ….mumble… years ago… 49 to be nearly precise…:)

Happy Birthday Jen. You are amazing!

A thought for Jen’s Mum today. Jen’s her first child. She’ll remember it like it was yesterday. Congratulations too, Mum. Jen’s sisters Bridget and Caroline will have been keeping you up with our progress during the journey and I know you will have been keenly interested.
It’ll be bubbles and birthday cake for dinner…:) YAY!!!

A little “discussion” is going on with Russian Rail. We have booked to depart Vladivostok at 1.22am on Friday 7th September. The confirmation notification came back confirming that time and day. However, the ETicket arrived saying departure is on the 8th at 1.22am!!!! So we are having a discussion with Anastasia, the Booking Manager, as to when we actually travel!!!

Other than that, it’s raining again when the forecast said it would be fine and we now have to inventory everything in the vehicle, for Canadian Customs. Tomorrow morning the Land Rover goes into a 40′ container.

What is it with Canadian business’s. We have written to two different companies looking to do business with them. The response has been …None. Bill and Joan, our dear friends in Vancouver are having to communicate for us by phone with the companies to get some answers from them.

Some statistics :-

Total Miles Travelled 16,796 miles = 27,030k’s

Litres of Diesel  2593 / 4.5 = 576.22gallons

MPG  29.14. After a slow start, I am happy with that.

Stage 1. Done and dusted.

There is still something not quite right with the Land Rover starting but lets hope the Canadians will/can fix it. Nobody else seems to be able to.

Overall, the wagon has been superb in almost every respect. We have quite a list of things to sort out in Canada over the winter with it, but they are largely superficial. Except for the gearbox.

We think it is a good time to suspend the blog till we hit the road again in the Canadian, spring next year. There may be items we will continue to post on the Trans-Siberian trip back to the UK, but that will depend on WIFI availability.

A BIG thanks to all who have followed the blog, made comments and participated in the good humour and banter with us.

Youngest brother Ash got us started with his blog at wordpress. I found his comments inspirational, great to read and looked forward to every one. So, thanks Ash for setting the bar height. I doubt we have come close to the depth and quality of your blog but it’s been fun trying.  Cathy at Mortimer Graphics in Rotorua, designed and created the site for us. Thanks Cathy. Love your humour. Brother Kelvin in Australia, always ready with a humorous quip and brotherly advice. Thanks too sister Liz, for worrying about us and advice on grammar…:). Son Steve in Australia and daughter’s Dee and family in Vancouver and Sarah and family in Whistler B.C. Love you. Jen’s family, Bridget & David and Caroline & Dave,  Mum Joan too. Son’s Tim in Kent and James in San Franciso and their families. Wonderful friends Mike & Wendy in Villars-en-Ouche, France. Bill & Joan in White Rocks, BC, Canada, Gordon too. Lindsay in Wellington, Kevin in Rotorua, Victoria and Colin in London who willed us on. John Ratsey from Swindon with his sage advise. Anton in Auckland. Roy in Norway. Mel from Wineham. Neal from Perth Western Australia and Mike too. Marian in London, Life long friends Bob, Judy & Logan in Palmerston North and Noel & Dee In Lower Hutt. Ray Cook in Rotorua. Paul and Elwyn in Adelaide South Australia who we met in Bucharest while cycling the Eurovelo 6 Route, 8 years ago. John Bowden of Gumtree in Ditching.  Bill and Penny from Drayton, Somerset. Pam in Croydon. There were many great comments and suggestions from people who we met en route or who had stumbled on the blog site. Many comments never made it past the Spam bin. Sadly there were too many to respond to.









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  1. Elizabeth Olson

    We will miss following your journey so will be forced to go and buy some travel books, I have a couple of Bill Bryson who always makes me laugh so they will have to do until your next trip..

    A very Happy Birthday Jen, I hope my brother is looking after you on your 50thish.. look forward to seeing you when you return to NZ..

    Love you guys..

    • Hi Liz & Chris, we’ll miss you too. It’s been a whole lot of fun. Jen says “Thank You” for your birthday greeting and we’ll look forward to seeing you all soon….ish..:)

      Love from us.

    • Thanks for birthday wishes, Liz. Won’t be long before we’re back. X

  2. 29 mpg – not bad considering the load and the inherent poor aerodynamics of a Land Rover, not helped by the extra goodies. Perhaps that wind deflector helped (you’ll have to repeat the trip without it to find out!).

    Let’s hope that your trip westwards is free of unwanted events.

  3. Happy birthday Jen, although I think I am a day late. I will miss your blog, you could just make them up to keep me amused and give me my travel fix

    • Hi Ash. Thanks for birthday wishes. Will write another blog this evening – will get withdrawal symptoms otherwise. Hope it will keep you entertained. See you soon

  4. A great big congratulations to you both and a special congratulations to Jen1 from Jen2 and me. Hope your day is special Jen, we look forward to catching up with you both in person some day. Sit back and relax on the journey home and give yourselves a huge pat on the back for what you have achieved. Bloody legends, both of you.

  5. Well what can we say except, what an acheivment well done to you both. And to landy as well. Very impressed with the MPG. We have an idea for a new form of transport for you as keen cyclists. Watch this video it is really inspiring.

    Thankyou for sharing your adventure we have really enjoyed it. Look forward to the next installment.

    Have a good train trip

    Mike and Wend xx

    • Hey Mike and Wend, thanks for your message. I suggest everyone who reads your message should play the YouTube clip…It’s BRILLIANT!!



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