Day 65. Success and back on the road tomorrow.

It’s 9pm and we have had dinner, in the Land Rover, and are having a really cold beer in celebration of a few things. Thanks folks for your kind wishes. 74 Not out. Not a bad knock for a lousy batsman..:)

First and most importantly the Land Rover is whole again. Yep, new pump fitted and tested. No leaks, amazingly..:). We are not home yet though, as it wont be considered a success till we have done a day on the road. What a relief though!

Funny how I didn’t know the pump was noisy, till it’s not! I cant believe that I hadn’t picked it up long ago.

Great trip back from Tashkent. We travelled “Business Class” ๐Ÿ™‚ and had lovely deeply padded armchairs but a young mother with two children in the cabin created, entertainment. The toddler about 18 months was a bit of a handful.

For our business class seats we paid 208,000 som or NZ$41.60, for a 570k ride. The train (below) looks a rattler but it flew, well relatively. Welded lines and smooth as silk.

Tomorrow we are off early. It’s going to be 45degC here tomorrow and we don’t want any part of that. A mere 40deg C in Samarkand, then crossing into Tajikistan Monday.

So Lizzy, don’t say I don’t look after you, it’s train bonanza..:)

ย  Todays charger.


Thats black tea in the mugs. Refreshing at 40deg C. Celebrating much. Every day above ground has to be a bonus..:)

Our companions on the train









The flyer, that flew without us.

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  1. Good news you got the Land Rover going, I am following you on Google Maps and just checked out Tashkent and looks lovely with lovely gardens.
    Lucky buggers

  2. Belated happy birthday greetings and it’s good to hear that you are back on the road again. I would have thought that a healthy Land Rover makes a range of noises such that it’s difficult to notice something new, particularly if the change is progressive.

    • Hi! John, thanks and yes, you are right about the range of noises, so, when the same noise is not there, thats when you realise that you hadn’t noticed it. Make sense? Hardening on the old spindle had been breached. All good now.

  3. Thank you for the train photos, I am overcome with gratitude however a bit confused about your companions though.. Loving your blog guys can’t imagine what dealing with that heat is like though thank goodness. Is that the usual temperatures for the time of the year. would imagine it being quite arid with those temperatures, will do what Ash is doing and Google map it.. Pleased that your water pump arrived and is now in place. Happy travelling..

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