Day 39. Heading back South West. 25th June. 6 months to Christmas..:)

Not a lot to report today. On the road earlyish and battled trucks all day. There must be millions of them. Mainly Scania, MAN, Volvo, Mercedes, DAF & Iveco. The Russian truck, Kamaz is available in a number of guises. A Kamaz won the truck class in the last Dakar rally, held in Peru!…?

Roads a mixed bag. Countryside more hilly and attractive to drive through. Yekaterinburg is the most easterly point in Russia for this segment and we are now heading south west towards Volgograd, which is about 1200k’s away. We are parked down a rutted path behind someone’s plot of land that has a number of old military vehicles close to us. I’ll get a pic later.

It’s a warm afternoon 34 at 6.30pm. Stopped early again, 4.15pm. Makes a huge difference to be able to stop and relax before dinner and get the communication sorted. I have just noted that photos in earlier blogs have gone. I deleted them from the Library thinking they were taking up space and that they would be cemented in. Not so. Now I have to go back laboriously through them and find them in my photo albums and re install them in the blog!!

Fortunately we have wifi tonight. We are about about 40k’s south of Ufa. A city of over a million.

One interesting town earlier on today, Miass, had a very very large factory that is now derelict. It must have been 5 k’s from one end to the other and mounted on a plinth at the far end, a truck. Clearly a WW2 era truck factory.  They don’t go in for beautification over here. Rusting pipes everywhere. New factories beside empty ones. New towns replacing old. The traditional wooden pole house will be a thing of the past soon. Just like Ireland changed, almost overnight.

Still a few old Lada(Fiat) cars, but they now have a new Lada range, which are stylish looking vehicles.

If you are wondering about the changing Day numbers. Jen has put me straight, again..:)

Landy is going beautifully, till it is stopped.

Can I use this for an engine transplant?

Forgot to mention, we passed, at different times in the afternoon, two expedition prepared vehicles heading east.

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