Day 35. Perm.

Two hours further ahead.

I meant to tell about an interesting thing we saw yesterday. A big flat deck truck loaded with ceramic roof tiles, parked deep in mud about 50m off the road. Driver walking around scratching his head. The tracks from the road suggest he went to sleep, just missing a lamp stand. It was his lucky day as had he gone inwards, into the oncoming traffic, god knows what carnage he would have created.

Today, cooler and some heavy showers. Good driving conditions. Lots of mud on the road and the Land Rover is unrecognisable. Slightly less truck traffic. Country changing to green rolling and very similar to parts of the North Island. Oil wells ‘nodding donkey’s’  dotting the countryside. Two days ago we passed a massive refinery just east of Niznij Novgorod. For the Pom’s, about the size of the Port Talbot steel works, maybe bigger…massive!!! Nothing in NZ anywhere near that scale. Railway sidings. jam packed with oil tanker cars.

Great, we have a hotel room next to an airforce base and super smart looking fighters taking off and landing every few minutes.

Just watched my first World Cup game. France beat Peru, 1 – 0 after a brilliant performance by Peru, in my opinion. We were out for Sushi when the French goal was scored. Aussie did well to draw with Denmark. Next, Argentina v Croatia. Should be a good game. I am happiness filled. Jen is painting her toenails, I think…:)

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