Day 25 arrived in Saint Petersburg around 4pm

Late start as we didn’t wake up until 9.30, after a great sleep. By the time we’d cooked porridge, packed everything up, collected the washing, which has been hanging on a line in the forest overnight and Dennis had given the old girl a clean, it was almost midday before we were back on the road. Dennis had to go down to the lake to get more water to clean the L R, so she was spick and span for our garage appointment! Interspersed among our footprints, on the way to the lake, were large cat paw prints. A lynx perhaps? Who knows what’s wandering around the forest at night!

Once again, plenty of roadworks and heavy traffic, as we neared the city. We had a heavy rain shower, which didn’t help visibility. You need to keep your eyes everywhere, as drivers seem to think it normal to overtake on the inside. There are ancient vehicles driving very slowly mixed with maniacs wanting to pass everything at a rapid rate of knots. Once again the Sat Nav could not find the street we were looking for, but Google Maps did a great job and we found the Land Rover garage relatively easily. No time to stop for lunch though.

I’m writing from the Jaguar/Land Rover dealership where the LR is undergoing diagnostic tests. Am feeling rather uncomfortable. We are waiting in an immaculate, white marble floored show room with the very latest Jaguar and Range Rover models on display. The receptionists are beautifully made up with perfectly painted nails and 6 inch stilettos. I’m in heavy boots, an old pair of Jeans and a scruffy blue T shirt. (Dennis doesn’t look much better, with 3 days worth of beard!) After 3 days of rough camping, I feel a bit like a tramp.

Interesting watching people who have come in to view cars. A white haired 60’ish guy with an around 25 year old “dolly” bird looking at Range Rovers. and now a couple who are dressed pretty much like us, i.e. scruffy, looking at top of the range Jaguars.

Am continuing after a break of several hours. At about 7pm the mechanic came over for a long discussion with Dennis. It appears the diagnostic tests reveal nothing wrong.  So, the men discuss all the previous history and things that could possibly be the cause. Dennis arranged for injector seals and a crankshaft sensor to be sent out from the UK, but these do not appear to be necessary. Enough of the technicalities, as I am not really qualified to talk on this subject.

When it started getting late I booked us a hotel which looked close by on the map. It turned out to be a 25 minute walk, but we needed the exercise! A 3 star hotel, costing the princely sum of approximately 34 pounds, NZ$70. The exterior is seriously unprepossessing and once again I see Dennis looking very doubtful. We are finding though, that outside appearances can be misleading. The room is basic but adequate. Clean sheets and towels, a bed that  looks comfy and a modern bathroom  – what more does one want.

We were seriously starving and found a fast food cafe very close to the hotel. Pointing to various dishes, which included rice with veggies, pork and rissoles, we ate very well. It was actually surprisingly tasty and we finished it off with an ice cream.

What will tomorrow bring? Sightseeing, or will we be back on the road?


Visits: 60


  1. Mike and Wendy

    Well the mystery continues. We have an idea that you will go to a low tech out of the way garage and a mechanic without any diagnostic equipment will look at the Landie listen to it starting and will put his finger on it straight away. Glad you are continuing to enjoy your voyage despite the probs.

    • Good morning Mike, it is our plan that there wont be another garage. This is it. Interestingly when the mechanic started it up to take it into the workshop, it started first time. I think a compression test is needed and new injector seals but I have been wrong before….but I cant remember when…:), though Jen will have a better memory..:)

  2. If you had owned Jaguars for 2 decades like an idiot I know these mind numbing issues seem minor

    • Yes Lindsay, I remember seeing your Jag in at the garage opp. SMS, many times. Still, they were lovely to drive and own, just that yours was from a ‘troubled’ era?

  3. Again, thank you for responding positively. 🙂

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