Day 267. Friday, 15th September, 2023. From somewhere south of Rorke’s Drift to Pinetown, Durban, South Africa. Start Mileage 214,544.

It was a pretty somber mood in Poki this morning. We were either reflecting on the events of yesterday afternoon, or were just tired. Neither of us could get to sleep as our brains would not turn off and a cacophony of cockerels ensured we were awake at around 4.30 am, before dawn.

Our journey into Durban was relatively uneventful. Except on one occasion some idiot, two cars in front of us, suddenly decided to turn left without any warning. We were coming down a steep hill. The car in front of us braked hard, as did we. I was in trepidation that we would not be able to stop in time, but we did. My nerves are not in the best shape!

We stopped at a shopping mall to get some provisions. I also wanted to get some cash. I wasn’t feeling very comfortable as there wasn’t another white person to be seen in the mall. When I found the banks, they always locate them together, the queues were enormous and most of the ATM’s weren’t functioning. I am hoping the campsite will take a card, or we will be in trouble.

We headed straight for Jeff’s garage, TuneServe, for an assessment of yesterday’s damage. Poki is already booked in there for 2 days of maintenance on Monday and Tuesday. Now it will be for maintenance and repairs.

Jeff wasn’t at the garage, but various members of his team assisted. We were directed to an automobile windscreen supplier/fitter and a new mudguard has been ordered to replace the damaged one.

Having visited the glass company, a new windscreen has also been ordered and they will bring it to Jeff’s garage and fit it on Monday.

There is a campsite at Bluff, another Durban suburb, some 25 kms away. We headed here. It is a tranquil oasis away from the motorways and traffic. Although it was a bit like getting into Fort Knox. I was asked to complete a huge questionnaire with totally unnecessary questions.

I was then given an 8 page document with the camp rules. Apart from that, it is quite a nice place. We have a slightly grassy spot and most important trees to tie a washing line to. (If I read the rules, it might tell me one can’t do that}. On checking the weather, it appears the forecast for tomorrow is rain. Typical. I have virtually no clean clothes left. 

The camp does have a laundry service, but advised because they have a large group occupying the cabins they have too much laundry to do with their bed linen etc, to be able to do any one else’s. There is apparently a laundromat a short walk away. I was advised not to walk there though. 

I have now organised us 4 night’s self-catering accommodation in Kloof, close to Pinetown and the garage. We have to have a base while we are without Poki. 

Being back in South Africa , we have to get used to load-shedding again. Apparently it is at stage 6, so lots of blackouts. Driving across the city traffic lights were out in several places. It is very tedious.

As we had no facilities at our overnight stop this morning, I’m off for a shower and then bed. 

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