Day 40. Saturday, 28th January. Nouakchott.

From our desert camp it was only 180ks’ back to the city. There are police stops every 50 or so k’s and I enjoy trying to avoid giving them a “Fische” a piece of paper with our passport numbers and car registration details. Jen gives me a hard time as we printed out dozens of them and she would rather an easy life. At one stop a policeman asked for medicine. He had a stomach complaint. I dived into the medicine box and handed him a Gaviscon tablet. He wanted the whole strip but realized that wasn’t going to happen. Adam diagnosed him as having a duodenal ulcer so thought my solution appropriate. His mate was complaining of a headache so I gave him two Paracetamol then wondered if it was Covid! Fortunately he had his head scarf covering his mouth.

It’s an interesting drive through the city outskirts back to Auberge Triskell…

A front wheel had fallen of the truck.
Sleeping on the job
Truck breaking yard
How to convert a station wagon into a truck…just cut the cabin off and fold the roof down

Back to Auberge Triskell

Joy, a hot shower and catch up with the last weeks activities on the blog. Sister Liz was getting anxious and Sarah too.

We’ll stay here another day before heading for the Senegal border and a new currency and laws.

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  1. At last, I was begining to think the desert had swallowed you up. Fantastic adventure so far, but I don’t need to tell you that taking corrogations at speed does help, a bit, but can do serious and long term damage. Have you got spare shocks? A bit of ‘hare versus tortoise’ could be in order here. I know you have great distances to cover but perhaps a thought of the truck you passed sans front axle may help.
    Just saying. Will send email today.

  2. Hi Bro, can’t have you batting for the oppo too…:)

  3. Loving your journey bro and broess, I think you would be better off on pushbikes

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