A change of pace now from cycling. 

We’re sitting in our camp chairs in the Municipal camp at Straubing in Germany. It’s 34deg and glorious amongst the trees and few other campers. This camp is much more expensive than French camps we experienced. But maybe not a fair comparison, as we are now back in Poki. 

A reflective trip back to our cycling in France. Have I forgotten to tell you how amazing it is in France? In my next life I am going to marry her and settle down in this house…:)

There’s nobody living in it!!!

The people are friendly and helpful. There is little in the way of instructions about what-to-do and what not-to-do. There is so much we could learn on how to relax and enjoy our lives more. Weekends are not for working, they are for family, something we have lost sight of in our new commercial obsessions. New Zealand is busy imposing restrictions on campers instead of providing facilities for them, so they don’t have to litter our landscape. They would leave with better impressions of our country and it’s hospitality. Something we were renowned for, in the past. Wake up guy’s. Never mind trying to turn the clock back with racial separation and Co-Governance, lets go forwards together again, as one. 

On the subject of regulation and freedom, we have just spent two nights camping at the 4WD Expo that is held at Bad Kissingen, close to Frankfurt in Germany.

Just a part of 1 of the 4 camp sites.

The camp(s) were full to overflowing and we managed to squeeze into a space beside two Dutchmen in their magnificent Black Land Rover Defender 110. Pieter & Peter. Peter the father, was telling us of his feeling of disappointment after spending a number of weeks touring NZ in a camper van. The Dutch are very much like the Kiwi’s, like to enjoy the freedom and tranquility of the countryside. Yet, wherever they went they were not able to “rough camp” and take advantage of the full facilities of their camper. It saddens me to hear that. 

Thank you both Pieter & Peter for sharing your campsite and the enjoyable chats.

Abenteuer und Allrad.

What a sensational event it is! There is every possible 4WD & 6WD vehicle and in every configuration. Land Rover Defenders are HUGE in Germany. There is a growing proliferation of mega campers. Massive truck chassis with every conceivable luxury built into a cabin on the back. Luxury Land Super Yachts, I would equate them to. Sarah & Tim, you’d be envious? 

We spoke with another adventurous Dutch couple with an immaculately presented 300 TDi Defender. Sadly my memory for names does not allow me to share them with you. They showed us how they have set it up. Very sophisticated custom made joinery which made Poki blush when she passed them. The sensational thing is, they have just sold their house, quit their jobs and in a months time will become globe trotting Nomads in their Defender. I love their commitment. They are going to have a ball. Safe and exciting travels guy’s. 

The Ineos Grenadier.

The big attraction and our prime decision to attend the exhibition again, was the Ineos Grenadier, launch. I may have spoken about it in previous blogs? We have been keeping an eye on it’s progress to manufacture. The concept is excellent but sadly, it’s not for us, yet. The cargo space would not allow us to use it as we do the Defender. It’s also only available in four door configuration, though it can be purchased with only the front two seats. 

So, now we are heading east. Lake Bled in Slovenia is our next destination in a couple of days time. Jen has decided she want’s to put on lipstick & high heels and sip Martini’s for a few days. I hope she doesn’t get hooked…:)


I mentioned in my previous blog that we had bought a couple of books in San Francisco and ‘Ukraine’ was the title of one. The other was The Story of the Gucci family dynasty.

The Ukraine book was extremely well presented and informative, history wise. In relation to the current war going on there, it’s damning of Russian actions. There is no doubt that corruption at all levels has been rife in Ukraine but it’s not Russia’s place to rein it in, when the same problems are being faced in Russia. The frailty of men’s ego’s.

The Gucci book. The story of a family self destructing but in the end, survival of their legacy. A brilliant read.

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  1. I’m obviously the dummy of the family and just realised and caught up with your blogs. Very well done you two. Makes me even more determined to get back on the road in the Big Brown land as soon as current issues resolved. Hope Poki keeps going for you. Catch up later.

  2. Great to see your blogs ; keep them coming

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