Day’s 274 – 282. 29th April to 5th May. Marooned at Passaj-Cap. Guatemala.

It’s now Tuesday 5th May and at last the rains have started. For the last week or so, the afternoons have clouded over and the occasional thunder storm brewed, but fizzled, with little or no rain. 

Temperatures remain in the mid to low 20’s and the days are idyllic. Every day I start Poki to ensure she is ready to go, if we get the break we need. The Guatemalan President however is keeping a tight rein on the population. Keeping everyone in lockdown. It’s not as strict as Kiwi’s have been experiencing in New Zealand. Our local village has a police presence at each entrance. Everyone has their name recorded in a register. Most wear masks of some sort. There is no unnecessary vehicular traffic. 

Last week Jen and I moved to a small studio apartment on the opposite side of the grassed camping area. A cute wee unit with ceiling to floor glass sliding doors, complete privacy and a view of the lake. An outside kitchen and dining table under a glass verandah, completed the fittings.

We had just got it shipshape when today Pierre visited to ask us to move to another, larger unit. He wanted to do some work on the studio. Our new place is cavernous. Approximately 16m long x 6m wide. It has a wonderfully uninterrupted view of the lake. Jen is happy because all the facilities are enclosed.

Cabin Fever!

Poor Jen’s suffering from Cabin Fever from being unable to move. Pierre has asked her to rewrite the description for each of the very different accommodations on site, for the Passaj Cap website. The result on her mental wellbeing has been positive.

Last Sunday we were expecting the President to announce an easing of internal travel in Guatemala. Conversely he has added another province or region for stricter lockdown. What is becoming clear is that the countries that delayed imposing strict quarantine rules are suffering a much greater  loss of life. Guatemala has done remarkably well with a population of 17m and only 23 deaths as at this time of writing. So, we are looking forward to a freeing up of internal movement soon, if new infections remain low.

Evenings have been made enjoyable playing cards with Sarah & Tim and reading.

Books and reading.

I have been improving my understanding of Guatemala’s recent history by reading. ‘The Art of Political Murder’ by Francisco Goldman. It covers the murder of Bishop Gerardi. Like ‘Searching for Everardo’, these two books were about the murder of specific individuals in Guatemala, by the State.

I’m now reading ‘Bitter Fruit’ by Stephen Schlesinger & Stephen Kinder. It provides context to the two previous books. Exposing the tragic disconnect between the ruling American administrations and the CIA. Not a lot has changed as Venezuela is now the target of destabilisation, deceit and disinformation!!! Cause for despair?

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  1. Great to see your blog again. Which countries do you think you will be able to get through

  2. Bruce and Jan here from Calgary.
    great to see you are doing well and staying safe. If we were to be srrtanded the palce you are at would be a good pick. Even if the pool is empty…haha.
    We are busy at home cleaning the ponds, stream and gettingthe garden in early this year, the flowers are coming up and we expect them to be a ray of beauty for us to enjoy while being locked down here.
    Work is mostly being done remotly. Jan was able to secure contracts with the post secondary institutions and do her teaching remotely on line. agreta switch for her, she loves it.
    Me I can do my work remotly as well, even in the back of a Land Rover would work for me, as long as I have WiFi… ha ha.
    They canceled Stampede this year (greatest and largest outdoor show on earth). BUt I think everyone need a break anyway.
    Stay healthy, keep the stress off and play Safe:.

  3. A big KiaOra from Portland and Happy Mothers Day Jen! Hope you are all hanging in there…. things are starting to move and open up here in Oregon. Jaime is back to work on Monday. Still lots of heavy restrictions though. 30 degrees today (scorcher). Anyways, thinking of you both and hope you are fit and healthy!

  4. Hi Logan. Thank you for the Mother’s Day greetings and sorry for the late response. Dennis has been berating me for being so slow to reply! Pleased things are starting to open up there and Jamie can go back to work. If anything, things are getting tougher here. The President announced a complete ban on interdepartmental travel within the country last night. Who knows when we will get out of here! Enjoy your sole parenting duties 🙂

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