Day 133. Tuesday, 24th September. From Beverley State Park, North of Newport to Susan Creek Campsite, West of Steamboat

Today dawned damp and grey. A fine drizzle. Probably more of a sea mist rather than actual precipitation. Since we have returned there is a noticeable difference in the season. When we left we had been in sandals and T-shirts, now we are in sweaters and trainers. It isn’t cold, but is definitely autumn now.

Yesterday, after we had set up camp I was sitting quietly reading. We were under some very large pine trees with ferns and climbing plants all around us. On looking up, we were surrounded by birds. There were 5 North American robins. They are like British ones on steroids. Much larger and darker coloured. Two blue jays and a wren darting among the leaves and branches. Larger than an English wren, but with exactly the same mannerisms. Hopping here, there and everywhere. In and out and under the vegetation, catching insects.

Today we saw white and grey herons, wild turkeys and flocks of canada geese in the fields. After we had turned inland, we stopped at an elk viewing area. There were two herds and a separate group of four stags. Enormous beasts with massive antlers. 

Sadly this morning it was misty and overcast, which detracted from the view. The coastline is gorgeously wild. Some very long sandy beaches, some rocky ones. Large sand dunes in some places. We drove due south with the road hugging the shoreline. Newport was quite a major town. As we were leaving the outskirts we came across a fish shop. Having been told the crab was a ‘must’ down this coast, we bought a tub of cooked crab meat with a little pot of spicy, seafood sauce and some lemon. Later, lunch was crab sandwiches. A nice change from cheese and tomato! They were delicious.

Continuing down the coast as far as Reedsport, at times we were right beside the ocean and at others slightly inland in the forest. As it is a damp climate the forest is very lush. Big trees, ferns, creepers, lots of moss and lichen. At Reedsport we turned east and followed highway 138 beside  the Umpqua river. A pretty drive. Our destination tomorrow will be Crater Lake National Park.

We are camped at a very well presented campsite at Susan Creek tonight. Very large, tidy, swept pitches under very big trees. Attractive ferns and plants producing a natural screen between campers. The facilities are immaculate too. We are in trouble with the camp host though. He doesn’t like the angle we are parked at. The Land Rover is not on the tarmac strip (pavement in American parlance). In order to get completely flat we are parked on the gravel. I have explained Dennis is unwell and has already gone to bed, so he has kindly agreed not to make us move and re-pitch the tent tonight. We must be moved by 11am tomorrow though.

Dennis has a nasty cold. I’m not sure if he’s caught it from me. I had a stinker when we were in the UK. Or, perhaps he caught it on the flight coming over. A girl in the row behind us was sneezing and blowing her nose throughout the entire journey.  Anyway, he is one degree under and in bed at 7pm. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will put him right. 

We have had the Land Rover for 7 years but never gave her a name. I frequently think she should have had one. After referring to her as the Landie or the Land Rover for all this time in the blog, it is probably too late to give her a name now. Any thoughts on this?

Oh, and Bridget, thank you for the coffee bags. They are going down a treat!

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  1. Glad you like the coffee bags, hope you can find some more in California

    • Hi Bridget, now I know what to look for, hopefully will find some in California. May not be same brand though, but hopefully will be as good 😊 x

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