Day 49. We dry out. Astrakhan is the objective.

Oh boy!!! All the way down from Volgograd yesterday, the sky was darkening.

This morning we spent a couple of hours drying out. To say we had a storm last night, would be an understatement. We found the archillies heal to the Caranex. It’s ok in mild weather, in fact it’s great, but when there is a downpour, the design leaves a bit to be desired. Ponding in the middle of the roof is the problem and we had gallons of it on the roof this morning. I am surprised the whole structure didn’t collapse under the weight. First the lightening started, around 1.30am then earsplitting thunder and on it went, till about 4.30am. Endless. Away it went for a while, and back again.

Getting back onto the main road this morning, through quite deep mud, meant we left a trail down the road and the underside of the wagon, caked. The rain that came a little later soon had the mud washed away.

Astrakhan was singularly unimpressive, driving in, but after finding our $40 hotel room, freshening up, an excellent Pizza and a beer for dinner, we hit the pavement to find this Kremlin, that Jen had read about.

Kremlin with leaning tower!

The symbol on the top caught my eye.

WOW! It’s a very different city when you get into the heart of it. Mediterainian almost, complete with lovely wide Promenade along the river bank and everyone who is anyone, suitably attired and made up, participating in the display. This city has character. Different to Volgograd because it wasn’t destroyed in WW2. Quite a different ethnic mix down in this part of Russia too. Asiatic. It was too late to get into the Kremlin but we will have a shot at it in the morning, before heading to the Kazak border.

Clocks have gone forward again so we have lost an hour today. More of that as we head east.

Visits: 23


  1. Hi Dennis & Jenny, glad to read your blog 🙂
    It’s a pity that you haven’t visited many interesting places in Moscow. Why didn’t you take a metro when you were there? Also, Sochi and the Caucasus are two of the most beautiful places in Russia where many people would like to live, worth to visit.

    • Hi Anton, good to hear from you. Russia is so huge and has so many interesting places to visit.
      Unfortunately we don’t have the time to see them all. Yes, it was disappointing we did not see more of Moscow. It was very busy because of the World Cup and Red Square was closed. We will definitely go back another time though. Cheers Jen and Dennis

  2. Did you get the Landy Parts ?! Don’t leave me hanging!!!

    • Hey Jamesie. At last, after 5th, or 6th, visit to Post Office! Hope you had good 4th
      July. Love Mum xx

  3. Tell the russians that you are a Kiwi not New Zealander. Our idiot defence minister has announced the need to buy new planes due to the real threat to NZ from China and Russia . Good news with the LR parts

    • If we looked at people and countries as friends and allies instead of threats, wouldn’t that make us richer?

  4. Rain, rain, what is that? In Pimba and going to see Woomera and rocket range museum tomorrow but not seen any rain since we left in April. Hope the Rover is cured and you get back on track. Should be home in about a week but will write the next/last chapter soon. Take care you two.

  5. Hi Jen & Den,

    Watching your trip progress. Continue having a great time.

    All the best. Dee and Noel

    • Hey Noel, we need a good mechanic. Know one? Free board and lodgings..:)

      All great and will update you on progress in next hour or so.



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