Departure on track for May 17th.

Our Landie is back from Gumtree 4×4 and looking good. New shock absorbers, a secure box for storing valuables and modifications have been made for fording any rivers or floods. These include the addition of a snorkel and moving the computer from under the driver’s seat to a box behind the driver’s head.

Over the weekend we enlisted some family support to attach the maps, designed by Cathy at Mortimer Graphics of Rotorua. My eldest son, Tim and 13 year old grandson, Louis assisted Dennis to put the maps on straight and squeeze out all the air bubbles. Younger grandson, Daniel, 11, preferred to kick a football around, while daughter-in-law, Kate and I supervised. It was also necessary to adapt our Caranex tent – my birthday present from Tim last year, to achieve a better fit to the Land Rover. This was being hampered by the position of the roof rack. Tim and Dennis cut a large chunk out of the tent and with the mosquito nets made to cover the open windows, I have been presented with a large amount of sewing. Never my strong point and which I attribute to having been thrown out of the girl’s needlework class at primary school and sent to do gardening with the boys!

Obtaining visas is continuing to prove our biggest headache. We had hoped to have our Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Mongolian visas in place before we left the UK. Our passports are currently with the Uzbekistan Embassy, where they have been for over a week. Tajikistan visas have been applied for online and we await their call for an interview. There will be no time left to get Mongolian visas, so application will have to be made for these in Almaty in Kazakstan. 

Job done. Graphics in place.

Squeezing out the bubbles

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  1. Rover is looking amazing, how exciting for you we are looking forward to following your adventures. Chris picked up a Russian hitchhiker yesterday and he reckons Russians are really friendly and you will have great time. He is a journalist traveling the world hitchhiking maybe he’ll write an article about you and all of Russia will be looking out for you..😂😂

    • Hi! Lizzy & Chris, getting excited here too, though it’s piddling down today and want to get back to doing stuff outside.
      Be great to have your guidance Chris because I only have Lennie to do it…:)

  2. Landie looking great, only a few more days, are you sure you are not homesick and need me to take your places.
    You guys have a great trip, I am envious.

  3. Ah well as Lennie is your guide what can go wrong..😂😂.. happy travels you two.. 🚙xx

  4. Found the site. Thanks. Map looks great

  5. Hey there, sorry about the delay is responding. For some reason the site decides whats Spam and whats not. Thanks for your kind words.


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